“Monsieur Machine”

One could well call Julien Offray de La Mettrie one of the first official Satanists, whose philosophical explanations turned everything into the opposite.
With a conjunction of Sun/Mercury/Mars in the square to Pluto/Uranus he possessed a disgusting mouth with which he trumpeted his perverted thoughts to all the world. His motto was: Against religion – against morality!”
Philosophia/Achristou fire Mercury/Uranus/Pluto in T-square.

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These two portraits are the most famous representations of him. His polemics and provocative amoral mockery knew no bounds, but were his program.

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Julien Offray de La Mettrie

If we look again at Prussia two hundred years later, I cannot overlook the historical parallelism. A Jan Böhmermann is no more sacred than a Julien Offray de La Mettrie. He, too, has been courted and protected by the German government for years, although one should actually be ashamed of him. He consistently proves ungrateful to his former patron in accordance with his amoral philosophy, or perhaps not?

Mettrie as a philosopher

Mettrie propagated a profoundly materialistic worldview before a Charles Darwin, in which he denied the independence of a soul. He was a convinced Epicurean who firmly warned against superfluous remorse. For him, thinking was an organ function of the body, since spiritual things were a function of matter.
Even then, he turned all socially moral principles into the opposite with provocative sarcasm (Philosophia/Achristou), just as Jan Böhmermann makes fun of all common sense.
Since Mettrie himself had studied medicine, however, it was not politicians but physicians who were his preferred victims and objects of provocation. He was called “Monsieur Machine” because he regarded man as a physical apparatus. He himself never practiced medicine, but is said to have died from bloodletting, though it was rumored that he was poisoned at age 41 after being asked to write his philosophical legacy a year earlier.

Mettrie’s blatant amorality and cross-border provocations apparently became too much even for the free-spirited and tolerance-minded Frederick II. Whether the liver pate that supposedly produced intestinal obstruction was perhaps not the cause of his untimely demise after all, and or the associated bloodletting that he himself is said to have performed, but a Socratic cup of hemlock?