Jan Böhmermann is cut off

We only need to observe his current transits to know that soon Jan Böhmermann himself will be trimmed and for once even his enemies will laugh at him.
With transit Saturn on his Sun, he is caught up with the negative karma he has made for himself through his shameless and tasteless jokes about other people.
With transit Uranus square Venus and Mercury, he has gone too far in his provocations and slander, so he is now under investigation by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, as charges have been filed against him.

With transit Moon Node in opposition to Moon/Pluto/Spica, the time should have come to lose its power on the masses.

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Transits Jan Böhmermann / time 12:00 fictitious

Jan Böhmermann reminds me of the Protestant martyr Heinrich von Zütphen. Wouldn’t it be coherent if such a person is reborn with a fish sun to bring his beliefs in a ZDF show to the man? Instead of fighting the Catholics, he now pours scorn on all those who think differently than he does.

Böhmermann ad astrology ascendant

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Heinrich von Zütphen

Nancy Faeser soon to be Jan Böhmermann’s companion in Punch and Judy?

Nancy Faeser is accused of lying on the basis of demonstrable facts and of having bullied and deposed BSI chief Schönbohm because of Jan Böhmermann’s ZDF broadcast. Here we see how by transiting Pluto in opposition to Mercury (illegally instrumentalizing the constitutional protection to have someone investigated) and in square to Jupiter (immoral behavior) the abuse of power (Pluto/Jupiter) is indicated. The stars do not lie, but according to “Achtung Reichelt” demonstrably Nancy Faeser.

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