The fright of all mainstream journalists

My sympathy has always been with people who sincerely follow their path. Anyone who rebels against the powerful with sinister intentions is a hero to me.

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His horoscope and the transits

With his Mercury/Venus conjunction in Aries, he loves a communicative battle. When the transit Pluto formed a square to it in recent years, people radicalized against it, as it created powerful enemies among the rulers in Berlin through its uncomfortable criticism of the Covid policy and much more. Under Pluto transits to Mercury, you as a journalist become a polarizing exposing writer and speaker who is a thorn in the flesh of the elites.

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As a former Putin critic and head of the Russia bureau of Focus, he could not immediately be discreditingly placed in the right-wing corner, but in the meantime, after numerous threats, he prefers to escape the danger to life and limb, as well as the German tax office, by emigrating to Montenegro, where the cost of living is less than half of Germany. A smart move, in my opinion.
Since he is a workaholic anyway and probably sits in front of the PC for about twelve hours every day, the most important thing is the view from the window. At least now he can see the sea and doesn’t have to worry so much about heating.

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The transit of Uranus (great changes) over Saturn and the Sun have of course also contributed to his radical change of location. Uranus brings us into contact with the foreign.
With transit Neptune in opposition to Pluto, he has eluded the grasp of his pursuers (Pluto) (Neptune) and fled to the sea (Neptune). His weapons are words, and the rulers in Berlin get to feel them via long-range missile.

At present, it appears that he has made a wise decision, as long as transit Pluto over Mars doesn’t mess him up in the next few years. I think it is astrologically very likely that there will be conflicts (Pluto/Mars) in the neighboring regions (Kosovo, Serbia, etc.), so it could possibly become uncomfortable in Montenegro as well. This should always be taken into consideration with Pluto transits over Mars, because Pluto draws us into mass fates and the fuse is already burning in Kosovo.

Boris Reitschuster Horoscope Astrology

Boris Reitschuster radix / time fictitious 20:30

In retrospect, however, the transit pluto has not harmed him so far. The transits in trine to Sun/Saturn and Pluto have supported him powerfully, allowing him to build tremendous reach and influence. There are already videos and posts by him that reach over a million listeners and readers. What a success!
He is a thorn in the flesh not only of those in power in Berlin, but also of all mainstream journalists. So an Aquarius Mars in trine to Pluto and Uranus loves provocation as a weapon and uses it successfully. Continued good luck and success!

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