A Sun/Mars conjunction dominates the fall of 2023

With the Sun entering Scorpio around 10/24. the strong Martian energy will build up this fall, creating a highly explosive and conflictual environment worldwide for about six weeks.
Sun and Mars in opposition to Jupiter and Uranus = dispute and conflict because of totally different world views. Widespread labor strikes. Attacks based on religious convictions. Start of new wars.

It’s literally going to be a hot fall. The markets will not remain unaffected by this destructive energy either. The start of new wars can also be expected. We do not know yet in which nations Sun/Mars will leave its trace, but predestined for this energy would be an invasion of Serbia in Kosovo.

Mars Phase Autumn 2023


Take advantage of these weeks of high-energy activation to work as much as possible or increase your exercise. In this way, this concentrated energy can find a constructive realization.