The dead horse Donald Trump?

Are Republicans perhaps betting on a dead horse with Donald Trump? It is highly unlikely that forty-one indictments will result in no convictions that could become relevant to prevent Donald Trump’s candidacy, or even put him in prison.
After all, in Donald Trump’s 2024 solar we see a debilitated Sun in the twelfth house (prison, defensive, sickness) in a square to Neptune/Saturn on the Pisces MC = the shattered dream, or the victim (Neptune) of justice (Saturn)?
Washingtona/Chiron in the tenth house speaks to a rejection and exclusion he experiences from Washington. Serious wounds are inflicted on him. Mars in the tenth house of power receives a square from Pluto = the lost battle.

It is very questionable whether one can become American president with such a solar horoscope, even if the transits are quite acceptable at the time of the election.

Solar Horoscope Donald Trump 24

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. the next American president?

Gage Skidmore, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0

One outsider hardly anyone has on their radar as the next American president is vaccination opponent Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. What it really stands for is difficult to assess. His views vary from conservative to democratic. In any case, he has fortunate transits at the time of the upcoming elections that could unexpectedly (trine Uranus to Sun and Venus) put him in the presidency.
Transit Jupiter will return for election = success, advancement and prestige
Transit Saturn will be in a trine to his Moon = will be perceived by the people as someone who promises security and stability
Transit Saturn to Mars/Saturn = Hard work and perseverance are rewarded.

Robert Kennedy Jr. Transits elections 24 (birth time notional 12:00)