Public enemy Markus Krall

Markus Krall is currently engaged in an exchange of blows with the German government, since he was criminalized as a witness in the course of “the rollator coup” with a house search to damage his reputation. (very worth listening to, to get an impression of political arbitrariness / YouTube immediately censored the video, Tichy’s lawyers apparently brought it back into visibility)

For me, undoubtedly one of the most intelligent Germans, who with his razor-sharp analyses has repeatedly painfully attacked the policies of the current, but also already the Merkel government.
As an attentive listener to his interview, a few weeks ago I was still wondering why he had become so sharp and completely bluntly direct, even aggressively provocative in parts, which in and of itself is uncharacteristic for a Libra-born person.

Now that he has gone public with his story of the home invasion and other lawsuits he is already facing for defamation of character, everything was clear.
The Tiger (born 1962) is wounded (tr. Saturn on Chiron) and a Tiger is a feared foe, as Chinese astrology teaches us.
A Tiger Born (1962) is not afraid of anyone and no authority is safe from him. Whoever messes with a tiger should in any case be careful, because whoever does not respect his majesty will sooner or later get to know his paw.
It is better to avoid a tiger than to make it your enemy.

The current battle situation

We see how currently transiting Saturn on his Moon/Jupiter/Chiron has led to a purposeful attempt to damage his reputation (Tr. Saturn on Jupiter). The asteroid Karma still contributes its own as amplifier to it.
With Tr. Saturn on Chiron/Moon government forces (Saturn) intend to make him and his family (Moon) an outsider (Chiron) and if possible even expel them from the country (Moon/Chiron = expulsion from the clan).

Radix Markus Krall + Tansite (time fictitious)

Transit Saturn in opposition to its Uranus wants to silence the rebel (Uranus).

With transit Jupiter in opposition to his Neptune, lies are demonstrably spread about in various mass media to harm him.

Transit Pluto (intelligence, eavesdropping, spying, power struggle) in opposition to his Mars could not express more clearly that he is being attacked with nasty tricks by an all-powerful opponent. Under such stars you can not only lose a lot of money due to legal fees, but you also have to actually worry about life and limb, because radical forces (Mars/Pluto) could also plan an attack on you at any time.
At the moment, from an astrological point of view, he should definitely consider having himself and his family professionally protected. Why not by the Verfassungsschutz itself, since it has every reason to feel threatened by Antifa?
I only recall the fate of Thorsten Polleit, who had his car destroyed not so long ago.

These days stood Tr. Mars (conflict) on his Mercury/Lilith conjunction, which is probably why he chose to counterattack directly through public media.

Political career

In an interview with Tichy’s Einblick (in the video above), he announced a few days ago that he will go into politics and found a new party together with other companions. This, at least, is what I conclude from the fact that he did not want to work for either the AFD or the CDU.

Sahra Wagenknecht also plans to announce by the end of the year whether she will found a new party.
In Germany, resistance to the traffic light government or the Great Reset is emerging. The decided heating law (under rückl. Merkur decided, it is anyway sooner or later again withdrawn) would cost, as Markus Krall before-calculated, in approximately 80000 – 100000 euro to each German house owner, who would have to let itself install a new heating, which would lead with very many humans basically to an expropriation.
Finally, there are penalties of up to 50000 euros for those who do not comply with the law.

A second CDU – the former Union of Values?

Black Rock man Friedrich Merz is, after all, picking up where his arch-enemy Angela Merkel left off. One obediently follows the guidelines of the Great Reset, because the pacts one has entered into do not allow anything else.

A new libertarian CDU that loves its Germany would certainly take half of the votes away from the current CDU under Friedrich Merz relatively quickly, so that including a Sahra Wagenknecht party, there would be about four equally strong parties left over, the Greens far behind, and the Left and FDP no longer in parliament.

My assessment for the next elections, should two new parties actually be founded:

AFD 19%
Libertarian CDU 19%
CDU 19%
SPD 15%
Wagenknecht 10%
Greens 11%
FDP 4%
Left 3%

The FDP and the Left Party are out. The coup to save Germany from ruin would probably still not succeed, because the current CDU would not be allowed to form a coalition with a libertarian CDU or AFD, as this would be forbidden by American Freemasonry.
After all, the current CDU is still as Christian as the Vatican is still Catholic.

What advice can be given to Dr. Markus Krall?

As an astrologer, one would naturally not advise a king and commander to go into battle under the present quality of time. But with Tr. Pluto in opposition to Mars you can’t choose this (in Selenski’s case this transit is active right now), but you are forced into the fight (Mars) (Pluto).

I would definitely advise that you don’t burn too much money with lawsuits, because they can’t expect fairness. With Justitia square to Mars and Saturn in her radix, you are very likely to lose major court cases.

The idea of going into politics is definitely a good one if you are desperate to fight this battle for your nation, because as an elected politician you have immunity and a party behind you. Alone, you will certainly not win this battle under these stars.

You’d better wait and see, and sit down with Princeps/Mallorca/Germania/Neptune on the island (Neptune/Mallorca) and fight from there. Transit Neptune (island, untouchable) is currently in trine to her Mars (battle) and in trine to her Venus.
Only if you absolutely want to fight for Germany and a political office is certain (which would take at least another two years), you should keep your main residence in Germany at the moment, because more forces will gather against you in your home country.

It goes without saying that these transits are equally damaging to business in every respect. Keep your money together Mr. Krall, or I hope for your sake that you have a good friend who is a lawyer and works for you out of idealism, because the enemy will not stop fighting you just because you are now attacking him directly. The enemy will bleed you and every wrong word could cost them proverbially dearly.
Pay attention to the wording of your criticism, because every wrong word (Mercury retrograde in the radix) will be turned into a legal rope, so that one day you might even get into trouble with your property on Majorca (Justitia/Mallorca/Germania in the square to Mars and Saturn). Especially if a socialist government follows once again in Spain.

As Alexander Isayevich Solzhenitsyn once said:

Wikimedia Public Domain
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

“You can tell a communist system by the way it spares the criminals and criminalizes the political opponent.”

Their stars are so bad at the moment and the external circumstances in their nation correspond to the conditions, so that this quotation already refers to their fate as well. It will not help you much that they have not been guilty of anything at all. The truth of their analyses is so exposing and hurts so much that you can’t bear it and have to muzzle them.

Evade your enemies and fight a battle in which your person cannot be seized (tr. Neptune trine Mars and Venus).
Direct combat is ill-starred with transiting Pluto in opposition to Mars, although you are currently hitting top form and bringing out the sword due to transiting Mars on Mercury and the Sun.