AFD foundation horoscope

The AFD was founded on Feb. 6, 2013, in Oberursel with its first charter by 18 members. These bylaws were officially adopted in slightly modified form in Berlin on 13.4.2013. However, the founding date of the AFD is 6.2.2013. The time is not known, which is why I choose 12:00. Usually comes very close to reality, because everything has been worked out in advance, which is decided at a meeting. After the decision there is usually lunch.

AFD party foundation horoscope astrology

AFD foundation horoscope

Interpretation AFD Horoscope

The name “Alternative for Germany” already speaks for an Aquarius sun (Aquarius = alternative, opposition party).
With Icarus on the sun, the party can rise high and take on a liberation role for the nation, but its growing power will become a danger to it.
With Mars/Mercury/Neptune in Pisces you become the mouthpiece of the workers and the socially weak who are forgotten by their own state. At the same time you raise your voice (Mercury/Mars) against the population exchange taking place through migrants (Neptune).
With Moon/Galactic Center and Germania/Spica one becomes a German people’s party fighting for the freedom (Aquarius Sun) of its citizens and against the paternalism from Brussels.
With Uranus/Pallas in the eleventh house, the AFD is a classic opposition party. With Uranus in Aries in the eleventh house, they are the “only” opposition party.
Jupiter/Lilith on the Ascendant represents emancipation against the elites and the effort to give people a different perspective on the big picture.

We see how the history, the contents and the development of the AFD correspond to the founding horoscope of 6.2.2013. The AFD is not a party with a Sun in Aries conjunct Mars in the tenth house (4/13/2013). Then it would be easy for her to march through to the top of the parties. The AFD and its fate correspond to a typical opposition party experiencing an Aquarian fate.

A further confirmation of this founding horoscope is provided by Alice Weidel, who holds an important function in the party and also participates in a 6.2. was born. As the spokesperson (Mercury) for the AFD, she has Sun/Mercury/Mars on the Sun of the AFD founding chart.

Synastry AFD inside, Alice Weidel outside

AFD and an old acquaintance

The occasion for this post was an old acquaintance from Thuringia, because I have lost sight of for over six years and remembered him today. He was an innkeeper when I visited him over ten years ago, and now he is a member of the state parliament for the AFD. What a surprise. When we last saw each other in 2010, he was still pretty indifferent to politics.

When I looked through his pages in the social networks, I realized again with what rejection AFD politicians are already met in Germany. No one dares to declare their support for the AFD, even though 30% of Thuringia voters vote for this party. Everyone fears confession except in the voting booth. The pressure of social ostracism is enormous.

Saturn nurtures plans to ban the AFD from

Currently Saturn transits over the stellium of Mercury/Mars/Neptune and typical for this transit, one reads everywhere about the firewall (Saturn over Mars) against the AFD and that the party must be deprived of the possibility to spread their radical right-wing views (tr. Saturn over Mercury), because Berlin seems to run out of arguments towards the people.

Above all, it is foreseeable that with the approaching transit of Pluto to Venus and into trine to Jupiter, the party will gain even more supporters significantly from 2026. It will still take a few years before Pluto can bring the big boost, but from that point on the AFD will gain votes in a flash, if it has not been banned by then.
However, the transit Saturn over the stellium could provide an intervention from Berlin in the coming months to censor, indict or even ban the AFD. It can be assumed that plans (Saturn) are currently already being implemented for this.
If the AFD succeeds in fending off this attack, it will grow much more strongly from 2026.

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