Ukraine loses

Freely available commercial satellite imagery shows that Russian troops have routed Ukrainians from many of their positions along the front. Russia continues to advance against the West. The defensive positions of the Ukrainians were taken.

The Chief of Staff of the British Army, Tony Radakin admits that the offensive of the Ukrainians did not even reach the first line of defense of the Russians.

Russia’s Counterattack and Vladimir Putin’s Transits

Vladimir Putin

With transit Mars through the twelfth house, V. Putin’s army has been passive in recent weeks. Transit Mars is approaching the Ascendant in the next few days and Vladimir Putin is gaining energy as a result, becoming more offensive and victorious. Accordingly, we now see the start of counterattacks after the Ukrainians have shot their powder and sacrificed their soldiers. 85000 Ukrainians reportedly fell over the summer.
How deluded are we to keep this war going instead of finally accepting the fact that we are losing in every way?

V. Putin transits / Mars through 12

Vladimir Putin has defeated his enemies with transit Jupiter (success, expansion) through the seventh house of wars and will get much better conditions to wage war successfully in the coming months with fortunate Mars positions.

Europeans should be prepared for Russia to take advantage of the mild weather to conquer more areas of Ukraine. The transits of Vladimir Putin will be excellent in 2024. Jupiter’s transits bring successful expansion on all levels for Vladimir Putin. The Russian economy will flourish, the war chest will continue to fill. However, Europe will bleed out and become weaker.

Is Kiev about to fall?!

Vladimir Putin’s transits summer 2024

It is astrologically foreseeable that Vladimir Putin will achieve victory on all levels by the summer of 2024. The West, on the other hand, will be the loser at all levels.

Transit Jupiter into trine to his Libra planets makes him triumphant. With transiting Pluto in trine to its Moon, Russia’s people (Moon) stand united behind Vladimir Putin. The spoils of war will be great and Russia will have as much revenue as never before in its history.
With transit Saturn in trine to Uranus, there will be nothing to oppose the new facts created by Russia.

V. Putin transits 2024 Summer

A Russian victory threatens Europe

“There will be a peace conference in the East at which high-ranking political representatives will be assassinated, after which Russia will invade Europe overnight in a blitzkrieg” numerous European seers have prophesied this over the past centuries.

From the astrological point of view it was clear from the beginning that Ukraine under Selenskyj will lose the war with transit Pluto in opposition to his Mars and Russia will emerge as the winner.
For the time being, Europe is being bled dry by its short-sighted sanctions policy. Citizens’ resentment is growing in the face of persistent inflation. Wars are paid for by the citizens. That was always the case.
The European people will rebel, but it will be too late. This development of the state of Europe also belongs to the prophecies of numerous seers of the last centuries.

The invasion from Africa will not be stopped and Europe will be further destabilized and become more and more dangerous for its citizens and a daily gauntlet, which has also been prophesied for centuries by different seers.

Alois Irlmaier prophesied the Germans taxes by robber barons (government), which nobody can pay any more and then it goes under and over.
The coffers of the European state budgets are already empty, our armies are not equipped and Russia will in the next step no longer supply raw materials to the Europeans at all and cut them off completely. Even in a roundabout way, Russia will know how to stop this because they are no longer dependent on the revenue.

Europe sick and weak. The Russian bear gets an appetite for more.

The Joker China

Together we will bring about the great global change, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping assured each other during their meeting. It is clear to anyone who studies geopolitics that this will escalate into open conflict with the West.

China will be the next wild card that the Eastern alliance will play. Xi Jinping will soon flex his muscles and tie American forces to China. Europe will be unprotected. Russia tempted to take the big gamble with China watching its back.

Recep Erdogan “Instead of accession conditions, war?”

AstroPointer/ Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Recep Erdogan told the Europeans last week that he will no longer accept any conditions for joining the EU. In his estimation, Europe will probably lose the coming war. He also wants to get a piece of the pie. Instead of accession requirements, war against Europe?

Europeans are being heckled by the East, the Southeast, and the South. In the north, we were cut off from the power supply. We are still cut off from the West by China going on the offensive.

Elon Musk just a symbol of the American withdrawal from Europe

Elon Musk lets the German government know via X that they are out of their minds and can’t be taken seriously by him at all. Their grants he has collected, his cars have been sold and now he is running them up.

At the same time, opposition politicians of the AFD are persecuted with violent attacks and can no longer appear at election events. The AFD are really threatening America’s gas businesses.
As I predicted days ago, the AFD may even be banned in the coming months. In the Americans’ strategy, Germany must not fall over by suddenly bringing an AFD to power.

Europe should realize that it has become the prey.