Global taxes for the elite

Currently, we are seeing humanity subjugate itself to nature. At the very least, we allow ourselves to be controlled and frightened by the narrative of a climate catastrophe. However, if God’s will and command to mankind was that we should subdue the earth, then he cannot have meant that we should allow a few very cunning people to instrumentalize politics and the economy with a lie in order to squeeze a tax for climate change out of every citizen in the world by obliging nations to participate in the C02 certificate trade.

Those who do not submit to the dictates of the energy robbers (Pluto in Aquarius) and redistribution machinery of our tax money to the super rich, simply pay more and more taxes until they are broke.

How can someone tax (Pluto) a molecule of the atmosphere (Neptune)? Right, he has to take them for fools (Neptune). He cheats on her (Neptune).
You tax their breathing by making humans believe that they are the evil main cause of climate change. If one could tax thoughts, one would invent it.
Climate change has been around for millennia. What man has contributed is minimal, as all scientific facts also prove. Our influence on it is about the same as the CO2 content in the atmosphere of 0.04%. Our influence is so marginal that we actually allow ourselves to be taken for fools.

It is not for nothing that Neptune rules the climate from an astrological point of view. Neptune, the intangible, ephemeral and illusionary.
The climate is not controllable by man’s power, any more than Neptune can be controlled. The most we can do is intervene and destroy it through geoengineering, which is already demonstrably being done by government institutions.

The mass of people do not want to know the truth

The good in people wants to sacrifice themselves in some way for something (Neptune), to give their lives a higher meaning (Jupiter). In the past, their ideal was to live a Christian life and observe God’s commandments, hoping to find peace of mind and holiness so that they would go to heaven after their demise.
Cunning wolves have replaced the faith of the people in our creator God with the idea that the earth is our God, and with the climate catastrophe they have created a substitute religion for which we are now supposed to sacrifice ourselves by the creators snatching the earth and even the atmosphere under their nails in order to expropriate the citizens with ever newly invented climate taxes.
A substitute religion of fear, not love.

How can people be so blind as to collectively allow themselves to be so enslaved and exploited by having them worship a golden calf? Neptune makes this possible because man does not want to know the truth. He doesn’t want to believe that people mean him badly and not well.

Wikimedia Public Domain
Adoration of the Golden Calf

Making energy unaffordable for people and businesses will cripple the entire productivity and creativity of nations.

What did Moses mean?

Someone who could part the sea through his spiritual power, like Moses, was highly proficient in elemental magic. Moses had subdued the earth and this is exactly what God meant in Gen 1:28 when he gave man the order to subdue the earth. Man has the mission to become master over matter and all beings of the earth through the power of his spirit, as this would correspond to his divine hereditary disposition, instead of submitting to matter and malicious people who deceive, manipulate and lie to him in order to deprive him of his life achievement.

The divine in man, if he is enlightened, has power over matter and all other beings of the earth through his controlled spirit.

Public domain Picryl
Moses parts the sea

The Pinocchio of America

The “cunning Prometheus from America, Bill Gates”, belongs to the biggest promoters of the “climate pinocchio worship” and the stoking before other catastrophes. If one analyzes the results of his supposedly charitable foundations and their “good impact” on world health and saving the climate, one must conclude that his real intention is to enrich himself through his corporate holdings, not to be charitable.
It is probably no coincidence that his sun is on the Sabian symbol Gold Rush.

Is it not a cunning deception if its influence on supranational organizations leads to the implementation of precisely those programs from which its holdings demonstrably benefit? Does he not deceive mankind, as Prometheus once tried to do to Zeus.
Climate policy benefits the billionaires to accumulate even more wealth and power so that one can override all the elected politicians and citizens of the world through supranational organizations to determine the policies that benefit them. A world dictatorship by billionaires, corporations and supranational organizations. Billionaires make politics and we let ourselves be shown up by the climate pinocchio from America. KI Dominik Zink Public Domain