Pluto and the disempowerment

Transit Pluto in opposition to Mars is emblematic of the lost battle with high losses. A Pluto transit takes on average three years, exactly the time in which Volodymyr Selenskyj will have burned hundreds of thousands of young men because a Boris Johnson had traveled to Kiev to prevent a peace treaty by assuring the Ukrainians of NATO support. So Boris Johnson was ready to instigate a third world war by torpedoing the fixed negotiated peace treaty.

Only in spring 2026 transit Pluto will reach Volodymyr Selenskyj’s Sun and Venus. He has already lost the war (Tr. Pluto in Opp. Mars), but America and Europe do not want to admit this to themselves, which is why he is propped up by billions more into a bottomless pit.
I wonder how the Ukrainian people, the mothers who lost their sons, think about this war? Do you stand behind the policy of your president?

So it may well be that the Ukrainian president will stay in office until the first quarter of 2026, but at the latest with transit Pluto over Sun (downfall and disempowerment of his person) his fate will be sealed. But what consequences his fate will have for Europe is difficult to estimate, especially if we consider that Pluto also stands for the atomic bomb and mass fates.
In any case, as astrologers, we know that Pluto is taking everyone else down with it. The West is well advised not to hold on to the Selensky option if we do not want to share his fate.

Transit Pluto over Sun at Selenskyj Spring 26

Peace is the order of the day

The sanctions were a shot in the own knee. The European population is suffering from inflation. Nevertheless, the war was lost and V. Putin got rid of his oligarchs who had not transferred their assets to Russia.

Everything has gone against Europe and our economy is getting weaker by the month. Germany loses its industry, which migrates to America. The Euro is just being destroyed, so that one day Europe may even have to accept the dollar as our currency, as Scott Ritter thinks, so that Europe can be exploited as the last colony of the Americans.

The southern flank of Europe is open like a barn door and our countries are becoming more and more destabilized and our society polarized by the invasion of migrants who are now already fighting border guards with firearms. Our social systems are bleeding dry.

It is time for peace in Ukraine. We cannot stop it from becoming a multipolar world, which the transit of Pluto through Aquarius inevitably brings about. America must admit to itself that it has lost its hegemony.
Peace parties must get our vote and not parties that prolong the war in Ukraine because there is supposedly no alternative to it.
From an astrological point of view, whoever bets on Volodymyr Selenskyj and keeps him in power is conjuring up a destiny in which many other nations may be drawn into Selenskyj’s downfall (transit Pluto over his Sun and Venus).
Do we want this fate? In any case, Austria should remember its neutrality.

Historical parallelism