What is an alien?

My definition for an alien is the following: An alien for me would be someone who would live with a physical body in another star system in a civilization unknown to us.

An extraterrestrial is not a being from another dimension or sphere. These are spirit or elemental beings, but also dead ones who are not embodied and who undoubtedly exist in the different spheres. These beings can also embody and or interact with people on earth. Here, however, there are different distinctions to be made from which sphere these beings are and which of these beings can take a human body at all purely theoretically.

Man, a divine being

Man, whose divine gifts, which are his divine inheritance, have been awakened, can communicate with beings of different spiritual spheres, but also control them according to magical maturity, as well as produce phenomena in which effects from other spheres manifest themselves in the earthly sphere. So a form of power transfer from another sphere into the earthly physical sphere. For example the appearance of a UFO, or the production of a crop circle would be for this purely theoretically just as possible. Much of what are unexplainable phenomena to us would perhaps be called applied sphere magic by an initiate.

It begins with the manifestation of smells, when angels or demons condense in space, or the manifestation and effectiveness of elemental beings (gnomes, nymphs, salamanders, etc.) to the appearance of weather phenomena, natural disasters or even UFOs. Magical abilities are predisposed in man, through which his consciousness can embrace other dimensions of creation.

Theological significance

The question about extraterrestrials is really about the theological significance of earthly civilization in the creation story. Does the civilization on earth, connected with the necessity of incarnation, i.e. the assumption of a physical body, exist exclusively because of the fall of man or the fall of heaven, or is the earth one of many civilizations, of which there are also some in other star systems?


If there should be no other earth-like civilizations in other star systems, where likewise humans assume a physical body, then this would give the terrestrial civilization an extraordinary status, which find their expression in the Genesis and other creation myths close to the truth.

Beings of Venus are not extraterrestrials

I repeat again for the purpose of the distinction that there are of course civilizations in other spheres which are, however, not connected with the assumption of a physically materially condensed body. There is a civilization on Venus, but in another dimension or sphere. The physical planet Venus is only a material correspondence of this sphere, an image of its existence.

Whoever has been in the space once during the invocation of Venus beings gets to know the vibration of this sphere and its beings. He can also telepathically contact the beings of this sphere, but the Venusian beings would never call themselves extraterrestrials, as I define this.
The uniqueness, both of the earthly human civilization and its unique theological significance, consists not only in the necessary assumption of a physical body and the temporary forgetting of our previous history of existence, but also in the development of a God-consciousness and a power that exceeds the power of the beings of other dimensions or spheres. The God-Man.

Depending on perspective and awareness

The earth is, depending on the consciousness of the respective person, a battlefield and penal colony, or heaven on earth for the one who becomes aware of his Divine descent and at the same time can compare the earthly civilization with other spherical civilizations in the spirit.
Only as an embodied human being is there the possibility of the full awakening of our divine power, which is God’s inheritance to humanity. Man could, like for example Moses or Krishna awakened to the God, rule over the beings of the spheres or astral worlds. When man awakens to a god, he becomes a sphere magician and miracle worker, as there were already isolated prophets, magicians and initiates on earth.
Earthly civilization can appear to be backward, or that much of what we already knew and mastered has been forgotten again, or of course deliberately suppressed, but in reality this is not so when we look to the future.
Humanity is already in the process of awakening again. Therefore, the forces of darkness must now close the bag and resort to violence to suppress this awakening.

It is not knowledge that is crucial for humankind, but understanding that because of our karma we have to reincarnate again and again and take on a physical body. We must learn to understand the spiritual laws of reincarnation, that is, the laws of karma, which is possible for us through concrete examples of reincarnation.
Thus, we will understand the meaning of life and will realize that the myths about the fall of heaven and the conspiracy of the fallen angels against humankind are true.

The heavenly war between God and the fallen angels has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years, and all attention is focused on the earth and its human civilization. Earth has become the venue for this conflict.


The so-called extraterrestrials are only a diversionary maneuver of the fallen angels who want to confuse man spiritually and make him uncertain and doubtful in his faith in God. One wants to question the existence of God and the theological meaning of the earth, as well as the human history of existence. One intends to accelerate the apostasy of man and his forgetting of his history of existence, the knowledge of which he carries within himself.
The earth and the incarnation as man is on the one hand man’s unique chance to correspond to his image of God here on earth and to become fair and at the same time he is a prisoner of this planet and its sphere because of his sinfulness. The fathers and mothers of human history as well as their children must embody again and again.

The fallen angels

It is the former fallen angels who, reincarnated, propagate the Great Reset and all the associated lying ideologies and visions for human civilization, as well as profit from it. It is always the same old spirits from a time before this that have conspired against and fought God and humanity for millennia.
Now, at the end of Kaliyuga and the change into the Golden Age, the satanic plans and sinister intentions of the fallen angels come to light. Population reduction, population exchange, digitalization of money, transhumanism, the climate substitute religion up to the third world war, into which one wants to maneuver mankind, testify to the intention to dehumanize man and to cut him off from his divine inheritance.

Humanity can defend itself against the fallen angels by disempowering them, beginning to believe in God again and developing sincere morality accordingly, beginning to understand the genesis of humankind and its karma, and collectively walking the path of enlightenment, which has already begun. The AstroPointer, a mouthpiece of God, accompanies you in this every day.

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Archangel Michael