Sahra Wagenknecht, the Sword of Damocles for the Establishment

AstroPointer Sahra Wagenknecht

Three years ago, I already predicted that there would be a split between Sarah Wagenknecht and the Left Party within the next few years. I was surprised it took as long as it did. In the end, as was to be expected under difficult Pluto and Uranus transits, she lost the power struggle and her relationship with the party fell apart.

The Left Party will not be able to cope with the departure of such a charismatic personality as Sarah Wagenknecht and may not be able to enter the Bundestag in the next elections. What remains will collapse and part of it will defect again to Sarah Wagenknecht. Provided that Sahra Wagenknecht founds her own party!

The German mainstream press faces a problem. In order to weaken the AFD in the East, a Sahra Wagenknecht party is most welcome, but in principle it poses a big problem for the elite and transatlantic axis, because Germany under a Sarah Wagenknecht could show limits to the USA and work for peace between Russia, Europe and America. That’s how it’s written in their stars.

Founding your own party?

Since the date of birth of Sarah Wagenknecht is unknown, it is even more difficult to make accurate predictions. Your biography suggests an Ascendant in the last degrees of Libra or early Scorpio.
We see in this radix a self-confident woman who has her ear to the people, has a social conscience, and has the power to set great things in motion.

Radix Sarah Wagenknecht 13:30 speculative

Transits Sahra Wagenknecht

Sahra Wagenknecht has had transit Neptune in opposition to Pluto for the last two years. She became disillusioned with who she had been tied to for years.

Now transit Neptune will form an opposition to Jupiter and Uranus over the next two years. There is a great danger of expecting more than is possible. If one tries it nevertheless, a media headwind will probably blow against her, where, however, her eventual party lacks media opportunities to counter this.

However, transit Uranus forms a trine to her Pluto. A strong transit to initiate a new mass movement that could grow rapidly.

Transits Sarah Wagenknecht

Transiting Saturn tends to work supportively into her radix over the next two years and will form a trine to her Cancer planets, so her work will bear fruit.
Transit Pluto forms a trine to Jupiter and Uranus for another year, so in reality now would be exactly the right time to establish a major movement, since under this transit you could well gain potent supporters and at the same time convince many people of your ideas.

Sahra Wagenknecht and Communism

We see in Sahra Wagenknecht’s radix that she generally does not have a good relationship with Karl Marx. The asteroid is square to her Sun and in opposition to Spica/Russia. So she is not a closet communist.

Radix Sarah Wagenknecht 13:30 speculative

Purely astrologically we read from her radix an existence story which does not show us a Marxist, but rather describes someone as belonging to the Russian nobility (Spica/Russia + Sun/Moskva/Mercury/Sirius).
Even though she became a member of the left and worked for the party for many years, the separation occurred because, from the point of view of reincarnation astrology, her history of existence was not rooted in the proletariat, but in the nobility. Her true home is not the left, a fact she has probably become increasingly aware of over the past decade. Wagenknecht’s horizon with Jupiter/Uranus overhangs the left’s simplicity.

Wagenknecht’s radix describes us a personality with leadership, Regulus/Kaiser. Born to become a torchbearer and mouthpiece of the people (Sirius/Mercury + Cancer + Regulus/Emperor).

With Altair/Europe, she could still become a very significant figure for Europe. We see that Sahra Wagenknecht astrologically has a relaxed and harmonious relationship with both Russia (Russia) and the USA (America).
A “Sahra Wagenknecht Party” would definitely bring a breath of fresh air to Germany’s party landscape and possibly make boycotting the AFD more difficult, although the AFD will not be happy about this either, as Sahra Wagenknecht would cost them votes.

The good thing about this, however, would be the fact that Sahra Wagenknecht would probably win voters from all the established parties through her charismatically sincere manner. The establishment and power of the transatlantic axis would be somewhat weakened, in favor of peaceful relations with Russia. Sahra Wagenknecht in the lion’s den and in her element.

Recommendation of the AstroPointer

The slow-moving items form favorable aspects in the next two years for new ventures of larger scale. Sahra Wagenknecht should dare to teach the establishment the fear of God. Her party could get close to 15% nationwide, according to current polls. It will be exciting!