Degussa heirs take a different course than their father

Now Degussa is managed by his son August Francois Finck jr. which appointed Christian Rauch as CEO. The employment contracts of former CEO Markus Krall and now also of Degussa’s long-time chief economist Thorsten Polleit were terminated by the new management.

Under the aegis of August von Finck jr. party donations have allegedly flowed to the AFD and now efforts are being made to realign the Group. The company now wants to attract younger customers in particular and is distancing itself from the previous economic-philosophical and political-economic orientation of its predecessors, by which Dr. Markus Krall and Thorsten Polleit, as well as the father, are probably meant. Everything will be done to ensure that funds never again flow in the direction of the AFD or other “right-wing channels”.
Wokeness at Degussa? The Greens, the LGBT community, and the socialists must be their future customers, buying gold and burying it in the garden, hoping it will grow a “gold tree”?

You don’t need to be an astrologer to forecast difficult times for Degussa, although gold is in demand. In view of this attitude of the new CEO Christian Rauch, who allegedly worked out the strategy with August Francois Finck, might someone not feel insulted as a former customer and politically placed in the right corner? Me in any case.
If you do this with your long-term customers, you’ll find that customers can choose what they want. This was the radix of the former boss August von Finck jr.

His father, the industrialist (Sun/Industria /Venus), who left him a powerful legacy with Pluto/Rockefellia/Sirius. With Moon/Goldstone and Gold sextile Sun, and a conjunction of Sun and Venus, he had a really good relationship with Gold written into the radix. Accordingly, Degussa has developed magnificently in recent decades.

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