Cut off Ukraine from arms supplies from the West

Alyaksandr Lukashenka

Martin Zoller predicted before the Kerch Bridge attack that Kiev would soon be subjected to heavier bombardment. It has already begun, and now Alexander Lukashenko has also officially announced that he is recruiting 300,000 troops and massing them on the Ukrainian border because Ukraine is allegedly planning hostile activities against Belarus.

Consolidation of Russian troops at the closest possible point to European NATO countries

Alois Irlmaier and Gottfried von Werdenberg loosely translated: “At first people shout, they are crazy over there in the East, but the war becomes a conflagration.”

Now Russian troops are already being massed at the closest possible point to Europe’s borders. We should now become wide awake and invest the money that Austria wants to invest in the army until 2027 better in the next two years immediately in armament.

Putin’s bragging horoscope

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin was inaugurated on August 9, 1999, two days before the devastating solar eclipse. With Putin’s inauguration, the fate of the world today took its course, which is why we should look again at this inauguration horoscope.

Striking here the conjunction of the asteroid Europa on the Sun, which is involved in a large square of Saturn/Mars and Uranus = revolt, demarcation and blitzkrieg (Mars/Uranus) against Europa.
He will hate his neighbors with Pluto/Lilith/Chiron 3rd house, but the painful sting bores deeper and deeper into his flesh.

With Mars/China he also drags China into the war, but this could unexpectedly even become his enemy, since Uranus is involved in this grand square.

Radix Inauguration Minister V. Putin 1999
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Transits on Angel Engagement Horoscope

We see how at present the Sun in the Angel’s chart is vehemently attacked by both transit Uranus on Saturn (transgression of boundaries and liberation from fears and restrictions) and transit Saturn in opposition to the Sun (one becomes isolated). Transit Mars enthroned, about to become stationary, at MC = Russia at war through Putin.

Transits Putin Angel Engagement Horoscope
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Vladimir Putin is in trouble and we must assume that he will soon increase firepower, as he is outgunned by the Ukrainians. We see from V. Putin’s current transits that he is on the defensive with the transit of the Sun through the twelfth house on his Saturn.

We can assume that the deployment of troops in the north of Ukraine and on the Polish border is aimed at cutting Ukraine off from the West in order to prevent further arms deliveries.

Astrocartography W. Putin Europe Lilith/MC and Pluto through Kiev = Putin experiences emancipation through Ukraine / in the East he can get land along his Venus/DC line. The Lilith Line also runs through Istanbul, so he will still experience this emancipation through Turkey. On the Polish border runs a parans of Mercury/Saturn = cutting off infrastructure
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Thus, Europe is now being drawn directly into war in the near future by Putin’s deployment in northern Ukraine on the border with Poland, because Europe cannot allow Ukraine to be cut off from the West if we want to continue to support it in the fight against Russia, which we have decided to do. Now there is no point of return.
Viktor Orban will also have to realize that he cannot take in another million refugees from Ukraine (Hungary has already taken in 1.5 million!) Orban may have to show his colors clearly in a few months, since the war is also likely to take place on his border.

Putin is forcing Lukashenko into war and thus Europe into direct confrontation should the two attempt to cut Ukraine off from Europe. I have already reported a few days ago on the war in the southeast of Poland prophesied by Gottfried von Werdenberg.

Mars in Gemini – Infrastructure Attack

The sign Gemini represents the infrastructure. We have seen increased attacks on critical infrastructure in recent weeks. Mars turns retrograde in the sign of Gemini in two weeks, so this issue will intensify. Germany experienced several acts of sabotage of its critical infrastructure these days. The response of the Russians to the policy of Germany for the support of Ukraine? Probably yes.

But also in Ukraine these days, in revenge for the attack on the Kerch Bridge, the power infrastructure was deliberately destroyed by the Russians. It might be wise to tend to avoid public transportation under Mars in Gemini in this situation. Russia is waging a hybrid war and will expand it as Vladimir Putin has been put on the spot by Ukrainian weapons superiority. Accordingly, it will increase its firepower and must not wait for Ukraine to be further upgraded. He will try to stop this soon and will meet with considerable resistance, as his transits show us.

Transit Mars in opposition to Vladimir Putin’s Mars

Putin himself has Mars in opposition to Mars in his radix at the moment. The opponent strikes back. This transit will be highly active for two months for the time being. Russia will expand the war against its neighbor.

Transit Saturn into the square to his Jupiter = failure

Transit Saturn in opposition to his Pluto = his power is limited

Transits V. Putin November 2022

Under these transits of Vladimir Putin, one must assume that he will not be lucky in his undertakings in the coming weeks. With transit Saturn to his Jupiter, his nimbus of success will get considerable scratches. With transit Mars in opposition to Mars, he will lash out furiously.