Through the back door to the EU and NATO

The Poles are becoming Ukraine’s stirrup holder for the subversion of the national interests of individual EU members. As an EU member, I wanted to be asked if there will be no borders between Poland and Ukraine in the future. As I wrote months ago, Poland senses its chance to expand its territory by supporting Ukraine with all available means. In this way, the EU and NATO are being drawn even more directly into a confrontation with Russia.
Russia’s response is predictable. It will be realized that there is no way around conquering the whole of Ukraine, which in turn Poland will not allow if it would also have to send its soldiers to Ukraine for this purpose, as was heard from government circles around Mateusz Morawiecki.

Territory of Ukraine occupied by Russia

Ukraine would have been an ideal buffer state to Russia had it taken a neutral position. Europeans should be prepared for the fact that the decision for the Third World War has already been made, because unfortunately nobody seems to be looking for peace. Accordingly, Europe would have to rapidly increase its military capabilities by a factor of 50. The Poles, instructed from Washington, will defend Ukraine’s western flank should an attack be launched from Belarus. It can happen quickly at any time now and NATO is a direct actor in the war. Is that what we want?

W. Zelenskji transits

The transits of the Ukrainian president suggest that with Tr. Pluto on the MC in opposition to Mars the battle for Ukraine is lost. Pluto will slowly but surely approach its Sun/Venus conjunction over the next few years, reaching it in 2026. These are not good prospects, but the fate of defeat is astrologically indicated, as I always predicted.

tr. Uranus in the square to the Moon = Selenski again will soon have to change his headquarters, fierce bombing raids are imminent.
tr. Saturn in opposition to Saturn = at all corners and ends he is confronted with shortcomings
tr. Pluto at the MC = the loss of power and downfall, which becomes more and more realistic
coming soon tr. Jupiter in square to Mars and Sun = further losses on the battlefields and retreat.

Transits W. Zelenskji

Russia waits for China to attack Tawain

I am sure that at the last meeting between Russia and China it was agreed to make the big turnaround militarily at the same time as well. As Xi Jinping told his people months ago, they should prepare for war.
China will bind America by attacking Taiwan to support Russia in its intentions.
We will know more in early or mid July when asteroid China will be in conjunction with Saturn and in opposition to Mars = boundary disputes could lead to a confrontation.