Astrologers muzzled

An astrologer is expected to know people, to be able to interpret the quality of time and to see the future. Yes, he who reaches for the stars must be truly great.
But what about the truth? Do we expect him to tell the truth, or is not the astrologer (Uranus) also subject to the social constraints of Saturn? He is not allowed to say what the mass of people, i.e. the social cross-section, does not want to hear or, from the point of view of the rulers, should not hear.

Yesterday I heard the interview of a Kolleggen, to which one in a certain way forced, even if even expressed, that it becomes better again starting from 2025/2026, since a completely new economic system would begin, which offers new chances, if this sounded for me in philosophical regard also somewhat collectivistically instead of individualistically oriented.

People also need a hope that things will eventually get better. I’m afraid I’m going to have to put them off. For the next nine years, things will be even worse than they already are. Insane, morally reprehensible and unworthy beings rule throughout the world.

2025/2026 Ingress of Saturn/Neptune into Aries

As astrologers we know of course that at this time, for which the start of a new economic system is to be expected, this finds astrologically its reason, in the ingress of Saturn and Neptune into the sign Aries. But what does this ingress mean?
The dissolution of the tried and true (Saturn/Neptune), war and inflation (Saturn/Neptune in Aries = war), dissolution of state boundaries and backing by its institutions. Wars lead to collective poverty. No labor force and at the same time emerging unemployment; diseases and epidemics that may be generated by military calculation, etc.

Let’s be realistic and honest with ourselves and look at the situation we are in and not lie to ourselves because social convention requires it, which will soon be worth nothing at all. It is already blatantly cheated, corrupted, lied and worse in politics by forcing a vaccination on the majority of people, which since a few days in the whole of Switzerland is no longer recommended by the Federal Office of Public Health and doctors are from now on newly liable if they continue to administer these Corona vaccinations. Why? Because they did not have their promised effect, but at the same time had immense up to deadly side effects, as warned against by numerous experts, who were muzzled and pilloried.

Saturn/Neptune in Pisces = those responsible on the run

What do you think will happen when all these crimes under Saturn/Neptune in Pisces are statistically processed and dragged into the light of day in the next two years? Shocking information is already available from the opened and elaborated Pfizer files, which were to be kept under resolution for 75 years until they were to be made public. Steve Bannon, one of America’s founding fathers, successfully forced publication through the courts.
e.g. Pfizer knew that in 28 out of 29 pregnant women, severe pregnancy complications, miscarriages, stillbirths, etc. occurred due to the vaccine. Nevertheless, the vaccine was eventually administered to pregnant women worldwide. What can be the intention behind doing such a thing? Is this not deeply reprehensible?
Saturn/Neptune in Pisces = the edifice of lies collapses and no one did it! Saturn/Neptune = those responsible on the run

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
John Smith / Steve Bannon

What will happen when Neptune (inflation) moves into fiery Aries, the most dynamic sign of the zodiac? Inflation will only be really fueled, so that the expropriation of citizens will take place. The goal is finally 2030, you will be happy and own nothing.
The new economic system means dispossession and servitude by the fallen angels who will try to seize all power to dictate their will to the peoples. In this, the Americans, Europeans, Russians and Chinese do not differ in any way.

What will probably happen when Saturn enters Aries (war) in 2025/2026 at the same time. It is the global wars that will grow and grow, so inflation will become a bigger and bigger problem.
When Saturn and Neptune meet in Aries, violentAries) national boundaries (Saturn) will lose their meaning (Neptune) or be contestedAriesies).

While Saturn/Neptune in Pisces will begin to secure the sea borders in the coming years, this is already too late. If the war grows and we all know the prophecies of Mühlhiasl, Alois Irlmaier, Nostradamus, Gottfried von Werdenberg, Johannes von Jerusalem and many more, which were prophesied approximately for the period around the turn of the millennium, that then it goes very fast until the complete chaos shall spread and the worldwide Armageddon follows. If the money becomes worthless, the migrants who have come to the land of milk and honey will not move peacefully back home to cultivate their parched fields.

What was prophesied to us by these seers? Nothing that is not already apparent now.
Russia will invade Europe. America will be at war with China while the Russians overrun Europe and wreak unimaginable havoc. Europe is emptied after that, even if no Russian sees his homeland anymore, because they are all killed and defeated. The Americans let us down at the crucial moment and intervene with full support in the war in Europe far too late, so that Europe, insufficiently prepared, becomes a battlefield of destruction. This also emerges from many prophecies.

Our European defense ministers/INTERPRETORS cannot be surpassed in incompetence and stupidity. They have become a laughing stock.

Prophecies are being realized before our eyes.

We do not need to be clairvoyant astrologers at present, for the seers who came before us have done a good job, as we have observed for years. Point by point, Alois Irlmaier’s prophecies proved true.
Step four is fulfilled. The fifth step is underway, and if we look to France these days, we already see the beginning of the revolution that will continue in the Western European nations over the coming years with Pluto in Aquarius. Eastern Europe, on the other hand, will remain stable until the war because they refused to accept masses of foreign people of the Muslim faith.

Alois Irlmaier 8 steps to the third world war

Do not have illusions, but adjust to reality

Please don’t believe that anything will get better in the next ten years; everyone will still have to fight for their very existence. They must stick together in the family and with their friends, prepare themselves, because there will be war on earth. A mighty war, as it was prophesied.

This war is in the interest of the sinister elites who were once driven out of paradise by God.

Wikimedia Public Domain
Fall from Hell / Tintoretto

Whether through an artificially bred virus, questionable vaccinations that have been shown to have devastating side effects, or wars. Only through a significant population reduction could these sinister elites control the nations in the long run.
Those who have conspired against humanity for millennia, those who are the enemies of God, faith, peace and morality, now rule and are ready for anything, because the window of time is astrologically short to accomplish their work yet.

The social revolution of the next four years will arise out of sheer desperation of the people because they are to be deliberately dispossessed by inflation, which is getting worse, not better.

Our money in the best hands

Would you trust your money to the former Count of Saint Germain, a swindler and liar? The Europeans are doing something like this. We are just witnessing how he wantonly dissolves our fortune into thin air with his alchemical tricks.

Source: Wikimedia Commons Public Domain
Count of St. Germain

The vulture of bankruptcy

The new economic system that awaits you is a downhill slide toward zero. Collective poverty (Saturn/Neptune). In Aries, this constellation means nothing other than heading full throttle towards the goal of collective poverty. But nobody wants to hear such a prognosis, because no normal person wants to hear about the Third World War and collective poverty. Perhaps it would even be a satisfaction for those who are already poor.

It is time to slim down, live healthy, take care of one’s salvation, provide materially and become defensible. This is a priority for the coming years. Even if the Third World War should be canceled as by a divine miracle, you should not risk to follow in false confidence in our politicians, completely blue-eyed like a sheep of the flock.

But also remember, you can’t eat gold. It is only there so that you still have values after the next decade, if they survived it.

In the last two years alone, I have certainly advised close to twenty people from Germany who wanted to sell their house in order to emigrate. Many of them are still sitting on their houses because no one wants to or can pay these prices, or have long since looked around for better alternatives themselves.
Most of the clients did not want to admit what I advised them, that they have to go down significantly (25- 30%) with the price immediately.
But taking a loss, or not making a profit, is something a German has a hard time with. By the time he realizes this, the price has already sunk even lower.
Why is that? Because this is my destiny, which connects me to my people because of my nature. Because we often become bound to the place where we must experience our fate if we are not willing to pay the price that a different fate might make possible. With emphasis on “could.”
The seers and prophets also warned all people not to believe they could escape their fate so easily by emigrating. Everywhere on earth it will go haywire, so that you are still safest in your homeland, where you know your way around and the people are familiar to you.

Hardly anyone would want what is coming to us now if asked personally, but collectively we have been unwilling to take a different path and have allowed those to sit at the levers of power worldwide who have never wanted anything good for us but have always waged war against God and humanity.

Demonic mess

The small happiness in this big misfortune is the fact that it is a demonic mess, as Sergei Lavrov let it be known in an interview for a Serbian newspaper last year. As Jesus already taught us, “Evil is contradictory and therefore divided in itself.”

I have the impression that there is actually agreement that there should be fewer people to govern them better, but that children coming out of school no longer knowing what sex they are is opposed by half of the world’s Masons. Understandably, Muslim Freemasonry does not go along with this at all. For the Orthodox Russians, this goes just as much too far.
Basically, liberal Protestantism and conservative orthodoxy collide. The Catholic Habsburgs, Bavaria, Bohemia, Hungary, Slovakia actually do not want to know anything about this war and have a neutral attitude in the majority, but are forced by the EU, but also by their NATO membership to take sides and to take further steps towards war with Russia.

The liberal branch of the Freemasons, the globalists and Great Reset masterminds, those who only dream of digital central bank money to finally gain absolute control, are now meeting resistance in the East, even though they basically agreed on much with Russia and China. But sanctions, lecturing, patronizing, betrayal and breach of treaties have led Russia as well as China and other states to decide to oppose the hegemony of America and its European partners. The West has become the common enemy.

It was foreseeable

What will someone intend whose will is to conquer other peoples, as Genghis Khan and Nikolai Vatutin once did? You don’t have to be a great prophet to know that ghosts continue their story. Where once there were horses to ride on, now there are hypersonic missiles and drones to operate from a distance.
It is not so difficult to foresee the future of Europe, were it not for the faint hope that someone here might pull a magic bullet out of his sleeve after all, if one so bumblingly and arrogantly gets involved in a war without being prepared for it.
Genghis Khan / Nikolai Vatutin / Sergei Shoigu

Trust your instincts

I tell you, do not believe anything of the presently ruling politicians, but also nothing of the whitewashers, coaches and other life consultants, who feel obliged to their profession accordingly to give you courage for a good future. We are already fulfilling the worst prophecies step by step.
All appeasements and promises of politicians (Saturn) and esoteric whitewashers (Uranus/Neptune) will once again prove to be empty words, because they do not transgress social conventions according to Uranus, but muzzle themselves.

They are already abandoning you with your problems and bills, knowing that inflation will increase significantly, because that is how BlackRock can gain even more power. Inflation is the weapon used to expropriate you. Each of those responsible will later only look at how he can save his own skin.

Stand on your feet, don’t put up with everything and seek the way to the greatest possible independence from this system into which you are forced out of fear and have your labor exploited. Sooner or later, one way or another, you will have to take your fate into your own hands. Be sure of this. Go into your strength and you will still perform miracles and miracles will happen.

Be prepared that in the future you will have to work more, not less, that times will get harder and even more extreme. Now most of them can still pay their bills, in a few years they won’t and then they will still need warmth, food and security. Everything else will become a luxury for many of us.

Not rosy times

Astrologically, I do not see rosy times ahead of us, but the decline of previous certainties and the resulting chaos in the transition between 2025/2026. Only then, when chaos reigns in our country and under Saturn/Neptune 2025 no more gas comes from Russia at all before winter, despite possible contracts, it will become very cold here in Austria.

If something will gain power with Pluto in Aquarius, however, it is astrology, which will become more and more common knowledge among people.
Better prepare for the worst, because when Halphas, the demon of the arms industry, sits at the red button in the land of freedom, we should not expect to have an edifying period ahead of us.

Halpha’s Demon / AstroPointer