I’ve been working with septars for thirty years now and I can’t remember any septar not arriving. There is no other astrological forecasting method that gives us a concrete overall view over such a large period of time.

Transits currently act on a particular theme, as well as secondary progressions trigger a process that can last a few months, similar to a transit from a slow mover. However, the septa allow an overview of a seven-year period. Nobody can avoid such a long process, but sooner or later the issues of the septar will show up.

The problem with the truth

If they have a lot of experience with astrological forecasting, then they know that they may not be able to forecast in detail an exact event, but the process that takes place is always understood.
If, for example, someone asks you the question whether he will be alone in old age and you then see the following septar, then you know that this person will also be alone with 90 percent probability.

Most of the time, people ask questions whose answer they don’t even want to know, if only they would think a little longer about their question. Therefore, as an astrologer, one may want to educate the client about the implications of their question before answering them.

Interpretation septar

We see a Cancer Sun in conjunction to Mercury at the cusp of the twelfth house of Aloneness = I (Sun) occupy myself alone (12th house), for example by reading or writing a lot every day (Mercury). In opposition to this is a Capricorn Moon and at the same time we see a T-square to Pluto. Here is someone brooding alone and biting into an intellectual pursuit day in and day out (Capricorn Moon in 6).

However, he himself (1st house) is alone and on his own with Saturn/Vesta = I am focused on myself, my problems and challenges. I am a hardworking, single and disciplined (Vesta/Saturn) personality (1st house).
In addition, there is an Aquarius on the DC (no closeness, no steady partner) and empty houses seven and eight (partnership houses). The focus is on their person, but not on a relationship with a partner when the partnership houses are completely empty.

In order not to feel quite so lonely (Capricorn Moon, Sun in twelve and Saturn/Vesta in 1), the person with Gemini in the eleventh house of like-minded people and friends will always participate in seminars and advanced training (Jupiter + Gemini), as well as maintain active contact with friends.
Since the entire fourth quadrant is strongly occupied, it can be assumed that honorary social commitment would also be possible during this period, but in terms of partnership it looks very meager.

Septar single

It is precisely because you get an overview of seven years that you are particularly well off with your forecasts when using septars, as you can interpret a process that lasts several years. It is relatively easy to be wrong about a current punctual event triggered by a transit, even if the issues are certainly addressed that trigger a transit or secondary progression. The event interpretation is always difficult. But a process that will shape our lives for more than seven years, no one can avoid and it will certainly show.


Click through their past septages and those of their immediate environment. They will have each septar confirmed by what has happened in their lives or in the lives of their friends. Once you have gained some experience, you will know how to interpret your future septars.
Interpret these septars alone first, without superimposing them over their radix. Only when they understand the septar on its own and have gained a clear picture of the future process, do they place the septar over their radix to understand how this process will affect their overall destiny.