Leonore Gewessler fulfills prophecy

As predicted in my annual forecast for 2022 in the interview with Gregor Withalm, in the fall under the retrograde Mars in Gemini, still a fierce dispute will occur in the Austrian federal government by the transport policy under Eleonore Gewessler. Yesterday, the Minister of Transport of the Green Party opened Pandora’s box by cancelling the construction of the Lobau freeway and the Lobau tunnel.

The Green Tunnel Vision

This ends with high probability either in new elections, or Gewessler must take back what she announced yesterday under a retrograde Mercury. The protest from the coalition partner and all other four parties in parliament was great. The Greens stand alone with their position, which is their calculation.

Nothing is more convenient for the Viennese SPÖ to distract from the Wien Energie scandal than the defense of Vienna against Leonore Gewessler. You probably rub your hands together in gratitude.

The king goes into battle at the wrong time

Astrologically, you can’t put your foot in it any bigger. With Mercury retrograde (infrastructure project) on the Sun and transit Mars (dispute, war) in square to this Sun (minister), you cancel the construction of the Lobauautobahn.

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Announcement setting Lobau freeway
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We also see transiting Neptune in opposition to her Sun = misjudging her own authority and transiting Mars in opposition to her Neptune = shooting herself in the foot.
For the next few weeks, her Sun is under bad influences due to transit Mars squaring her Sun and transit Neptune opposing her Sun. You will never win this battle from an astrological point of view. Here someone completely misjudges his opponent, as well as himself.

Add to this the transit of Saturn in opposition to her Venus/Saturn conjunction in Leo. A typical divorce constellation! You can’t get more unpopular than that.

Strategy impasse

The Greens have of course strategically planned this decision before the last voters turn their backs on you because nobody wants to freeze. One could assume that the strategy is aimed at mobilizing the electorate in advance of possible new elections by starting a coalition dispute in order to rally voters behind them.

The SPÖ and ÖVP will already agree behind closed doors that they will form the next government together after new elections, before the ÖVP blows up the government and calls new elections. The Green transport policy strategy leads directly to the dead end of disempowerment.

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The Greens at an impasse

In view of the approaching federal presidential elections, the Green Party’s Alexander Van der Bellen will do anything but thank Leonore Gewessler. Austria soon to be hopelessly divided. New elections in February 2023?