In contrast to asteroids, which are named after mythological figures and can only be interpreted according to their characteristics, the astrologer is confronted with the question, how it is with asteroids, whose name is defined by a surname of a historical person.

I would like to illustrate this with the example of the asteroid Grimaldi (129743). This was discovered in 2021 and named after the famous Italian Jesuit, physicist, mathematician and astronomer Francesco Maria Grimaldi. In the England of the 18th century also lived the famous actor and clown Joseph Grimaldi. The latter made history by inventing his slapstick interludes, as their influence extended into the silent film era.

Does this asteroid, if prominent, give one invariably academic gifts or is comedic talent also possible? Now let’s take a look at the radix of three great icons from the silent film era.


I would like to start with the radix of Sir Charles Spencer alias Charlie Chaplin. In Chaplin, Grimaldi forms out of the eleventh house (collective), an opposition to a conjunction of the Moon (physical appearance/people) and the royal fixed star Princeps (I am first) in the fifth house (stage), enabling him to achieve a monopoly position as a silent film star through his unique and humorous stage presence. Also worth mentioning would be the conjunction of the asteroid Gaudium with Jupiter in the seventh house, which provides fun and frolic in the encounter (7th house).

Charlie Chaplin Horoscope

Next, I would like to take a closer look at the horoscopes of the famous comedian duo Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Since unfortunately no birth time is known for Stan Laurel, we choose the first degree Aries for the Ascendant. In its case we observe again a slight conjunction of the asteroid with a royal fixed star and Saturn. In this case, it is Regulus who lifts Mr. Laurel out of the measure for his talent as a comedian. This stellium is involved in a square from a conjunction of Mercury and Neptune. Which was also evident in the fact that Stan Laurel wrote many of the sketches and scripts himself, and he even established himself as a director and film editor.

Stan Laurel Horoscope

In the case of Oliver Hardy, we even have a birth time. In his case the asteroid Grimaldi forms a conjunction with his Venus and a sextile to his Mercury and is still in the orb of his Ascendant, so we can assume that Mr. Hardy was probably a full-blooded comedian.

Oliver Hardy Horoscope

Last but not least, I would like to examine the birth chart of Joseph Grimaldi. Due to lack of birth time, I again choose the first degree Aries as the ascendant. As you can see, the asteroid is again in a prominent position. By forming an exact conjunction with the Sun (I) of Joseph Grimaldi and the royal fixed star Galactic Center (great prominence). The fact that the asteroid is exactly on its sun should speak for itself and support my theory. A coincidence or a divine order after all? Maybe it just means that divine providence has a sense of humor.

Joseph Grimaldi Horoscope