Jennifer was followed by Angelina

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt became a couple in 1998, married in July 2000, announced their separation in January 2005 and divorced in October 2005. Pitt met and fell in love with Angelina Jolie during the filming of the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, released in June 2005. In May 2006, their first child together was born and they married in 2014. However, Jolie already filed for divorce in September 2016, which was finalized in April 2019, although even today not all conflicts have been cleared out of the way, such as the one about the jointly purchasedChâteau Miraval in French Provence, where their wedding also took place.

We already see in Brad Pitt’s chart the opposition of Jennifer and Angelina in houses two and eight. So Angelina and Jennifer should be rivals (opposition) in his life (radix) because he went from Jennifer to Angelina. That he should achieve great fame with an Angelina is written in with the conjunction to royal Altair as well as the conjunction to Moon/Venus speaks for the joint family. Angelina is preliminary, Jennifer is retrograde.

Brad Pitt Horoscope Astrology Angelina Jolie Jennifer Aniston

Radix Brad Pitt

First Jennifer entered his life when progressive Jennifer (retrograde) formed a conjunction with progressive DC (partnership).

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Horoscope Astrology

Inside Radix Brad Pitt / Outside Secondary Progression 1998

Working with radix, secondary progression and transits is often a bit difficult for the beginner. Whenever you see three charts around each other in this post, on the very inside is the radix, in the middle is the secondary progression, and on the outside are the transits. However, you will see in a moment how important this method is.

For transit Saturn (outer) moved over progressive Jennifer and DC (middle) in 2004 to arrive on Jennifer of the radix (inner) in January 2005. At that time, the two announced their separation and Jennifer Aniston filed for divorce (Saturn) two months later.

With progressive Venus (mid) in opposition to Pluto of the radix (in), Brad passionately fell in love anew and, with transit Neptune (outer) in conjunction to progressive Angelina (mid), saw only the best in his new wife.

Inside Radix Brad Pitt / Middle Secondary Progression January 2005 / Outside Transits January 2005

Under the conjunction of the progressive Sun/Angelina, the wedding took place in August 2014, with Neptune/Juno (marriage)/Haute-Provence in the 12th house (seclusion, nature) in the radix, of course, at their estate in Provence. Transit Saturn in conjunction to Juno/Neptune of the radix should not bring luck to the marriage, however. Likewise, the progressive Sun and Angelina should slowly but surely converge on Saturn in the radix. In 2016, the conjunction occurred and Angelina filed for divorce (Saturn).

Inside Radix Brad Pitt / Middle Secondary Progression August 2014 / Outside Transits 2016

The progressive Sun cast its light on Angelina for an extended period of time to overtake her and move toward progressive Mars and Saturn, indicating the conflicts during and after the divorce. It will not be until the summer of next year that the progressive Sun will also leave progressive Mars behind and the conflicts should come to an end. As well as transit Pluto in conjunction to Angelina the radix (power struggle with Angelina) will end in the spring of 2024.

Inside Radix Brad Pitt / Middle Secondary Progression April 2023 / Outside Transits April 2023

Meanwhile, Brad is shooting a movie as a race car driver (prog. Sun/Mars through the third house of the radix).

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By the way, in the combo of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the asteroid Haute-Provence in the 2nd house is in exact opposition to Saturn in the 8th house = problems (Saturn) due to a common property (8th house) in Provence.