Hunter Doherty Adams became world famous for his unconventional approach to his patients. Adams takes the approach that in addition to the correct diagnosis and treatment method, the environment is essential to a patient’s successful recovery.

During his studies, Adams quickly realized that the hospitals of the time were serious and dreary institutions that often included many doctors who were arrogant and condescending when dealing with their patients, in addition to expensive treatment methods. This is how the idea of the clown doctor was born and Patch Adams can rightly be called the forefather of all clown doctors. Since receiving his doctorate in 1971, Patch Adams has performed with other like-minded doctors and amateur clowns in over eighty countries to bring joy and hope into the lives of sick people.

His agenda, however, not only includes improving the lives of his patients through humor and a caring approach, but also strives to change the existing healthcare system. His social and rebellious streak culminated in the founding of the Gesundheit! Institutes. This was a non-profit health organization that now operates worldwide, with its origins in the founding of a pilot hospital. Over a twelve-year period, hundreds of people received free medical care there each month from Dr. Adams and a team of physician friends with the help of donations. At the height of his popularity, his life story was even taken up by Hollywood and filmed in the form of the Oscar-nominated movie of the same name starring the now deceased Robin Williams.


Hunter Doherty Adams Patch Adams Horoscope Astrology

If we look at the radix of Hunter Adams, the successful career as a doctor reveals itself to us through several aspects at once. With the stellium of the planets Jupiter, Chiron and the asteroid Pallas on the MC in Virgo, we see the doctor(Chiron) who enjoys a good reputation (Jupiter) due to his work in the public (MC) and who is also politically active (Pallas). Another clue for the physician par excellence is shown to us in the opposition of the asteroid Apollo (god of healing) to the powerful fixed star Galactic Center (acting globally), which ensures that he stands out from the crowd because of his abilities and his work as a physician.

His social commitment and profession as a clown is revealed to us by the trine formed by Neptune in Libra (social justice) from the tenth house (public) to his conjunction of the Sun (me) and Uranus (the fool) in Gemini (two faces) in the seventh house (the others).

The fact that his caring and loving approach to his patients helped him to achieve worldwide fame can be seen from the following aspects.

Venus (fun/creativity/love) in the fifth house (the stage) forms a trine to his Moon in Sagittarius in the first house (I am caring by conviction), which is conjunct the fixed star Galactic center (world fame) and at the same time forms a square to his Neptune in the tenth house (I use my fame to make a social impact in public). Another indicator that he is using the cult of himself to expand professionally around the world is seen in the ruler moving from the first house (Jupiter) into the tenth house on the MC.

Also of interest is the conjunction of his Mercury (communication) in the sixth house (daily duties) with the asteroid Grimaldi (clown). First of all, I would like to point out that the asteroid in question was actually named after the famous Jesuit and polymath Francesco Maria Grimaldi. However, in the 18th century England also lived a famous actor and clown named Joseph Grimaldi. I will illustrate in my next article whether the effect of asteroids can be derived exclusively from the person after whom they have been named, or whether names in general can be given greater importance in interpretation.