List of captains of the German national soccer team

If you rank the previous captains of the German national team according to the number of games in which they led their team, Lothar Matthäus is at the top of the list with 75 games.


Lothar Matthaeus

The records held by Lothar Matthäus are mainly related to his career with the national team (Moon). Among other things, he is the DFB’s record player and was the player with the most appearances in World Cups worldwide for a long time, until Lionel Messi surpassed him last year. As captain, he led Germany to the World Cup title in Italy in 1990 with an outstanding performance, as well as making his international debut in Italy when he won the 1980 European Championship, thus winning two major titles in Italy. We see the royal Regulus on the Leo Ascendant the extraordinarily successful leader. Furthermore, the royal fixed star Alcyone is in the 10th house with Moon/Emperor/Monachia (=Munich) = someone who led his country and FC Bayern Munich (Alcycone + Emperor). In trine to this is the royal Altair with Jupiter/Saturn/King/Italia opposition Germania = lasting success as leader of Germany and in Italy. Not only did he win the two titles in Italy, he also had very successful years at Inter Milan. The Sun is involved in Aries (leader) in sextile to the Stellia. Complementary Mars (sport) is on royal Sirius in Cancer (home, people). Astrologically, more is simply not possible, which is why he is the player and captain with the most games, participated in five World Cups and led Germany to the title in 1990.

Lothar Matthaeus Astrology Horoscope

Radix Lothar Matthew

Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer won the World Cup with Germany in 2014 and was named captain shortly afterwards. We see with Spica the moon again in conjunction with a king of the fixed stars. Since the time of birth is unknown, the moon could also be in conjunction to Princeps at quite late time, as well as a royal fixed star. However, due to his balanced nature, I suspect a Libra Moon. With Moon Node in opposition to Princeps (leader), he is to become a leader anyway, so it doesn’t matter much if the Moon is a few degrees ahead or behind, he is to be lifted up by the royal fixed stars (Moon Node), as we can see from his career. In opposition to Spica we find Venus/Germania/Galahad = the noble and popular one and in trine to it Galactic center/Mars = greatest sporting successes. With Regulus/Brasilia he won the World Cup in Brazil and Altair Opposition Monachia testifies to his great career with FC Bayern Munich. Sun/London also finds its realization with the win (Sun) of the Champions League 2013 at London’s Wembley Stadium.

Manuel Neuer Horoscope Soccer Astrology

Radix Manuel Neuer, time unknown

Michael Ballack

Michael Ballack participated in two World Championships and three European Championships, reaching one final each. Germany was not to win a major title during his career.

With Germania on Leo Ascendant in opposition to Altair, he is a major leader of his people. With Princeps/Moon/Monachia/Uranus opposition Chiron he was captain (Princeps) of his country (Moon) and of FC Bayern Munich (Monachia). Uranus and Chiron in the pastry cause him to be less popular among the people compared to others, as well as remaining a sore with the lost endgames under his leadership (Leo AC + Princeps) (square/opposition Chiron). At FC Bayern he was accused of lacking loyalty (Uranus/Monachia). Between 2006 and 2010 he played in London for Chelsea FC, which was a very successful period with Alcyone/Jupiter/London.

With Spica/Mars he has become a world-renowned athlete, but with Saturn in Leo in the 1st house and Chiron in the 10th house in opposition to the Scorpio Moon, he has to live with four final defeats.

Michael Ballack Soccer Horoscope Astrology

Radix Michael Ballack