Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs, which is Nick Sirianni vs. Andy Reid, Jalen Hurts vs. Patrick Mahomes.
If you look at the numbers of the bookmakers, then you see a balanced picture where Philadelphia always seems to do a little better.
Astrologically, Astropointer sides with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Patrick Mahomes vs. Jalen Hurts

Transits Patrick Mahomes

The press has already written about Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) that he is the “heir apparent” to Tom Brady.
In January, he had injured his ankle. It is still unclear to what extent this injury will be his undoing. Saturn (bones) square to Pluto (fainting) indicates the injury, anyway.
He benefits from the transit of Jupiter and Chiron in trine to his Jupiter: the physiotherapists have chosen the right treatment for Mahomes. The success is tangible!
Venus on his Saturn, however, depresses his mood and probably also the market value among bookmakers, in opposition to the Sun: Because someone else might be luckier than him on this day?
Neither the transit Sun nor Mars support him greatly in this game. I have mixed feelings about Mahomes.

Transits Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts (Eagles) can’t be underestimated if he has a good day.
Hurts can’t match Mahomes statistically in the passing game (22-for-41 touchdowns; 3701-for-5250 yard), but he excels in flexibility and significantly fewer interceptions (6-for-12).
Mars’ transit in sextile to his Sun indicates such a good day for him! He is strong and can assert himself well. Venus with Neptune in the bag, in trine to his Mars/Venus stellium: Jalen is up for it! He is celebrated by the fans for the athletic performance he shows on the field today.
With Mercury square to Saturn, however, he must beware of misplaced passes at the crucial moment. Also, you get tripped up quite quickly under such a transit.

Nick Sirianni vs. Andy Reid

Transits Nick Sirianni

The transit Sun in trine to Nick Sirianni ‘s Sun today gives him broad shoulders. He is self-confident and balanced at the same time (Sun sextile Neptune).
With Mercury in Aquarius in trine to his Jupiter and Saturn, he also gets good press.
Jupiter is still slightly in sextile to Sirianni’s Mars: his training philosophy has led to success, as the entry into a Super Bowl final clearly shows. Can he still crown the top now?
Only the transit of Neptune clouds the “Big Picture” of Sirianni: here we see someone who has high hopes, but where fate is not now ready to grant his every wish. Often in this phase of life you have to learn to cope with disappointment.

Dear readers, if you’ve followed me this far, it’s hard to see exactly why I’m advocating for the Chiefs.

Secondary progression Andy Reid

Decisive for the interpretation was for me the secondary progression of Andy Reid.
In the levels of interpretation, the secondary progression must be weighted higher than the transits. Secondary progression indicates a destiny, which seeks to manifest itself. The transits are then often the trigger for this predisposed destiny.
We see with Reid the progressive Sun, which is exactly in trine to Mars in Aquarius on Altair: The coach (Sun) who reaches the highest honors (Altair) with his team (Aquarius) in sports (Mars)! The whole is currently triggered by Mercury, which ensures that about this predisposed success is reported now big!

Transits Andy Reid

Saturn’s transit is already slightly in trine to Reid’s Jupiter: no bad karma is hindering (Saturn) Reid’s success (Jupiter).
Transit Jupiter runs exactly in trine to Uranus: Suddenly (Uranus) the tide turns for the better and he succeeds (Jupiter)!

Why do I still only give the Chiefs a 70% chance?

First, because of the image the quarterbacks leave: Both have strong transits and are capable of outstanding performance.

Transit Pluto: Sirianni & Reid

Secondly, because of the transit of Pluto in the horoscope of the two coaches:
In Sirianni’s case, Pluto is running in trine to Jupiter; in Andy Reid’s case, it is already in exact square to his Jupiter. Sirianni can have great success over the next two years, Reid must be careful that higher circumstances or his own mistakes do not cost him success.
For today’s game, however, I weight the Sun’s progression with Reid higher than the position of the transits presents itself to me, which is why I’m going for the Kansas City Chiefs at 70%.