Tennis – Copa Easter

Marine Partaud vs. Fernanda Contreras Gómez

Marine Partaud (WTA 443)

Transits Marine Partaud

Marine Partaud has quite good transits, but performs worse in direct comparison. Venus’ aspect to her Saturn is exact today. What you wish for, you are denied. Often bad luck in the game (–). Venus’ trine to her radix Venus will not become direct until tomorrow and could manifest in her receiving a lot of praise for a job well done (+).

At the time of the contest, the Moon is running into the square of her Saturn: Partaud is simply not feeling well and will need great self-discipline to give her usual performance. It lacks feeling in the game (-).

Sun and Mars do not make exact aspects, only Mercury would be worth mentioning with the sextile to the Sun: she is fast, does good footwork (+).

In the big picture we see her Saturn square her Jupiter and Pluto. This marks a phase of life in which successes are difficult to achieve and one repeatedly encounters opponents at decisive moments who are simply better.

Chance: 30%

Fernanda Contreras Gómez (WTA 183)

Transits Fernanda Contreras Gómez

From an astrological perspective, Contreras Gómez is the favorite today. The Sun near her Jupiter makes her appear confident and sure of victory. Often a sign of a happy and successful day (+++).

Mars runs in trine to her Mercury and very slightly Jupiter: she is in good physical shape and moves just as fast. She is willing to take risks and succeeds (++).

At the time of the contest, although the Moon is running in opposition to her Mars and Pluto (someone else is fiercely challenging me and testing my self-control), the trine from the Moon to her Uranus means that she will prove adaptable and counter her opponent through resourcefulness and playfulness.

Chance: 70%