10 seconds left on the clock. Maximilian Kleber is fouled while trying to shoot 3 points, but gets both free throws out. With 7 seconds left, the score is 108-109 in favor of the L.A. Lakers.
Throw-in Lakers: Foul on Davis! He misses the first free throw, but takes the 2nd for his team.
108:110, the Mavericks have the throw-in. Irving gets the ball and sees Kleber at the three-point line. Kleber jumps up, throws the ball, the final whistle sounds and Boooom!
The German Guy Maximillian Kleber defeats the siren and the Dallas Mavericks win the game against the L.A. Lakers with 111-110!

MUST SEE ENDING Final 3:02 Mavericks vs Lakers | March 17, 2023

The two trainers

Although the Mavericks had been on a sporting downward slide in recent weeks, from an astrological point of view the win was very likely for Dallas.

Transits Jason Kidd

Dallas head coach Jason Kidd had the transiting Sun on his Pisces, sextile to Mars: he is the lucky one that day (Sun conjunct Venus), who will bring the right strategy to the field through a smart team lineup. (Sun sextile Mars).

Transits Darvin Ham

Darvin Ham of the L.A. Lakers was not one bit flattered by the stars. The transit of the Sun in square to his Saturn does not bode well. An uphill battle lies ahead and you’d better not hope for Fortuna. Mars on his Saturn underscores the picture that Ham is unlikely to prevail with his team.

Buzzer Beater Maximilian Kleber

Transits Maximilian Kleber: no exact angles

Can you see the golden hand in Maxi Kleber‘s radix?
Not at first glance. The angles of the individual celestial bodies are all too wide for yesterday.
In order to get to the bottom of his callous last-second pull-off after all, we need to look deeper at his radix and bring in Kleber’s current Marsar.

The return horoscope of the planet Mars describes for a period of about 2 years on which area of life (house position) a person will direct his will and energy and which challenges (angular relations to Mars) he will face.
In the case of athletes, military personnel, craftsmen, surgeons, and all other professions subject to Mars, it has proven useful to also have the Marsar in view in order to be able to interpret the professional career for this period.

Marsar Maximilian Glue

Transits Marsar Maximilian Kleber

In the Marsar of Maxi we see the transit of Mars exactly in trine to his Sun: he has power and is focused. The timing is on point on days like this!
The transit of the Sun in sextile to Pluto completes the overall picture: under this transit you often benefit from situations where others reach their limits.
Irving sees that he can’t do it himself and has the eye for glue at the last second. The destiny indicated in the stars is making its way.