Prison food?

What actually happens if Alfons Schuhbeck is found guilty and cannot pay his tax debts? What happens if he pays them but is proven to have acted with intent? Will there be four-star cuisine in one of Germany’s prisons in the future?

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Seafood soup

Process progression based on the transits

I gave Alfons Schuhbeck a shooter’s ascendant given his profile, appearance and red hair.

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Alfons Schuhbeck

Due to its fame the galactic center on the Ascendant and Spica on the MC.
Saturn and Pluto/Justitia in the eighth house represent the tax debt and the process he will be put through for it. Jupiter on Altair the much money which he must give away now again.

At a glance, with Pluto transiting his Jupiter (wealth) in the money house, we see that a higher power will soon seize this wealth. With transiting Uranus square to Pluto/Justitia, this process could yet lead to a very unpleasant surprise for him, in that everything will turn out much worse than he would have expected.

He would be well advised to repent. He should not try to get out of it by lying on the first day with transit Sun on Neptune (acting, lying, escaping).
With transit Mars through the seventh house of civil litigation and lawyers, his strategy will be to fight. With slow-moving Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus forming fatal transits, he will probably be found guilty on all counts and his career will be over.

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