Leaflet affair involving CSU party leader and coalition partner

The party leader of the Free Voters and Bavarian Deputy Minister President, Hubert Aiwanger, is currently the talk of the town because of a scandalous flyer. In 1987, an anti-Semitic pamphlet was found in the satchel of the then 17-year-old student at Burkhart High School in Lower Bavaria. This calls for a nationwide fictional writing contest entitled “Who is the greatest traitor to the fatherland?” The first prize is “a free flight through the chimney in Auschwitz”, the fourth is “a one-year stay in Dachau”.

This was reported on Friday by the Süddeutsche Zeitung based on the recently surfaced text a few weeks before the Bavarian state elections on October 8. Aiwanger denied so far only in writing such a thing to have written and speaks of a smear campaign against him. At that time, however, he is said to have taken the school’s internal punishment for the found writing. Now his older brother exonerates him, confessing to be the author of the text. According to Aiwanger, he could no longer remember whether he had only one or several of these sheets in his pocket at the time.

Mundane time quality and Hubert Aiwanger’s transits

Mars is running in close conjunction these days with the asteroid Israel, which is representative of the Jewish people. In wide, but effective conjunction, Mercury retrograde joins with the asteroid Pallas. So it is about an older writing (r. Mercury), which a politician (Pallas) is said to have written and possessed and which has sparked a political debate (Mars/Israel/Pallas) because of its Holocaust-mocking content.

The constellation just hits Aiwanger’s Pluto in transit and brings his so far hidden misstep to the public. Whether he wrote the pamphlet himself in his early youth or only carried it with him is not important from an astrological point of view. He is the politician who is seized by this time quality on his Pluto, because he once was guilty of something in the indicated subject. He has thus made himself vulnerable and is now attacked under this trigger by people who are not well-disposed towards him by passing the writing on to the media (Tr. Mars on Pluto).

Hubert Aiwanger Horoscope Transit Astrology

Transits Hubert Aiwanger 26.08.2023 (Radix time fictitious 12:00 o’clock)
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With Jupiter/Mars/Neptune in Sagittarius, we see someone who acts resolutely according to his convictions and ideals, but who can easily overshoot the mark and even appear fanatical in an immature form. This stellium currently receives a square of transiting Sun and transiting Saturn (karma), punishing him for crossing a moral line at the time (Mars/Jupiter in Sagittarius). Transit Saturn in opposition to transit Sun also stands for the society that publicly ostracizes this offense these days, causing him to lose popularity and prestige (Jupiter).

With the trine of Pluto to the Sun in the radix, Aiwanger is basically a personality who can easily get into a powerful leadership position and successfully hold on to it for a long time, as his career so far shows. In the last fifteen years as parliamentary group chairman of the Free Voters, he made no legally relevant missteps and did a good job from the point of view of his party. If he remains in office under power-maintaining transiting Pluto in trine to Pluto and survives transiting Saturn (testing) in square to Jupiter (morality/reputation), I expect the majority of his loyal voters will continue to support him. Despite the condemnable youthful action, he will most likely be granted human development and maturity.