The Challenge Roth embedded in the current astrological time quality

The long-distance triathlon Challenge Roth is a popular classic on the scene and attracts the world’s best triathletes to Franconia every year. 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42 km marathon are the distances that have to be covered by the athletes. Among the women this year started the second best world ranking behind the Ironman Hawaii.

Coincidentally, yesterday’s Challenge took place under a conjunction of the asteroids “Roth” and “Heracles” (Hercules) in trine to Mars in Leo = The best athletes of their discipline (Heracles) compete in the district of Roth in a sporting contest (Mars) to defend their title (Leo).

Radix Excerpt Challenge Roth 25.06.2023 Created with Astroplus

Magnus Ditlev wins Challenge with new world record time

Two-time Ironman winner Magnus Ditlev defends his title from last year with a new world best time of 7:24:40.
In the Dane’s radix we see a conjunction of Sun/Moon/Mercury/Chiron/Princeps in opposition to the asteroid “Triathlon”. It could not be more clearly written there what he is and does = One of the first among the world’s best triathletes. His Mars not far from the Galactic Center and Heracles on Jupiter also draw his deserved success as an outstanding athlete in his horoscope.

These days the transit asteroid “Champion” runs over its Jupiter/Heracles conjunction and the transit asteroid “Triathlon” in trine to it. Transit Jupiter simultaneously passes his radix “triathlon” in opposition to his solar stellium. So it is not surprising that he is currently celebrated as the champion of the triathlon discipline. Transit Mars in trine to Mars and Saturn gave him the necessary power and stamina for this race.

Under transit Saturn in trine to the Sun’s stellium, Ditlev set a new time barrier and hurdle in long-distance triathlon with current world best time.

Magnus Ditlev Radix 31.10.1997 – time fictitious 12:00 with transits
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Patrick Lange earns 2nd place

The German top athlete and also two-time Ironman World Champion Patrick Lange came in a close second with a time of 7:30:04.

Also in Lange’s radix, with the Sun on Regulus and the conjunction of Moon/Heracles/Triathlon in trine to an enduring Capricorn Mars, we see one of the world’s best triathletes.

Transit Jupiter on Moon/Heracles/Triathlon and in trine to Mars not only promoted a successful 2nd place in this Challenge, but also helped him to a new international long distance best of 2:30:27 in the marathon discipline. Transit Mars in trine to Uranus gave the necessary energy boost for this speed record.

Radix Patrick Lange 25.08.1986 – time fictitious 12:00 o’clock with transits
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Daniela Ryf wins 1st place with new world best time

Top athlete and five-time Ironman winner Daniela Ryf won the long-distance triathlon with a new women’s world best time of 8:08:21. In the Swiss woman’s radix we see a conjunction of the Sun with the asteroid “Triathlon” in sextile to her Moon Node/Roth.

Transit Mars on her radix “Champion” and in trine to Jupiter and Saturn/Uranus fueled her tremendous follow-through and stamina for this outstanding contest victory.
Transit Roth/Heracles on her Jupiter and in trine to Champion indicates where she earned merit yesterday as the best in her discipline and was celebrated by the crowd. The transiting Sun on and transiting Jupiter in sextile to her Mars/Mercury stellium shed light on her athletic success.

Radix Daniela Ryf 29.05.1987 – 12:00 Time fictitious with transits Created with Astroplus

Last year’s winner Anne Haug in 2nd place this year

The Franconian and Ironman winner Anne Haug contested her home race this year in a time of 8:21:09 in a well-deserved 2nd place.

Her radix, with an exact conjunction of Mars/Heracles in trine to Saturn/Pluto/Princeps, shows us a strong-willed, powerful, enduring top athlete. She also has the asteroid “Triathlon” prominent on her Moon and in a trine to Jupiter, which shows what you are successful at and promoted in.

With transit Saturn on Mars/Heracles square to Jupiter, as well as transit Jupiter in opposition to Saturn/Princeps, she was able to finish the race in a strong 2nd place, but was unable to successfully defend her title from last year.

Anne Haug 20.01.1983 – time fictitious 12:00 o’clock with transits
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A few more impressions of the scenic race track