The mental review of my odyssey

According to the spirit of an Aries, whose Sun is in conjunction with the asteroid James Bond/ Emperor/Vishnu/Nemesis on the fixed star Mirach (mediality, the radiant), combined with an impulsive and conflict-generating Taurus Mars in the seventh house of open enemies, my life has been a real adventure. The great adventure of self-discovery.

To discover myself, I had to follow my historical traces by meeting concretely in life all those who in the numerous incarnations (I think there are 43 that I know. We incarnate on average every fifteen years after our passing again) had to do directly with me and were of historical importance. So those where fate has forged us together.
Those who were connected to me in love and friendship are close to me again. Some have come closer to me, who in their previous embodiments were spiritually occupied with my teachings, but have not yet met me personally. But I also had to confront my critics, as well as my arch-enemies, who nipped at my heels. I encountered my history on the outside until I became aware again of the past that belonged to it.

Geography of reincarnation

Since I have written history in each of my embodiments and my work influenced the history of mankind spiritually, culturally as well as politically (I do not make myself important, but was so important that I cannot omit myself), I also became aware of all those who accompanied me on this way as comrades-in-arms and friends, or fought me as enemies.

Each of these historical companions, whether good or bad to me, has embodied itself geographically on the line that results when we draw a straight line between our common geographical and historical past, that is, where on earth did we meet in previous embodiments, and the present. The top dogs stayed in their place!
If someone in the East has embodied himself to my hometown, then the strongest connection between the two of us is our embodiments that we experienced together in the East. Our relationship is then also more influenced by this eastern mentality and temperament. Both spiritually, from the heart, and philosophically.

This subject is not easy to explain, but I will try, in all humility.
I have gone through the initiation path in numerous cultures, both with different students and sometimes with the same students. The students who have passed through the Eastern way (e.g. in ancient Greece, or even earlier in India, Korea, etc.) with me prefer this way of approach, because it corresponds to their mentality and temperament.
If someone has embodied himself north of me, for example in Hamburg, we have met primarily and formatively in earlier embodiments in the north. Our relationship is historically influenced by the spirit of the Nordic countries, where we met and where he feels he belongs because of his history of existence.

My existence history and my karma originated from it, have grouped themselves around me personally, both geographically-spatially, chronologically-historically-karmically, and connected with it theologically-philosophically. As well as with the corresponding temperament and mentality of each person.
My karma, which I worked through, was my adventure to rediscover the truth of who I am and was. My life story is like the Odyssey of Homer.

Picryl Public Domain
Return of Odysseus to Penelope, Telemachos behind Odysseus

Perhaps one more hint. They are always part of a community. There is a community around them for whom they are the sun, but there is also a community in which they participate, where a sun shines whose light could radiate around the whole earth.

The Chronology of Reincarnation

Our life proceeds chronologically according to our karma. Saturn, the karma, regulates through time. One understands it only in retrospect, perhaps when one knows its history of existence and the personalities connected with it, who were once close to one and perhaps are close to us again now, so that we know their essence and their lives.

When we understand the relationship we have had with a person in previous lives, both historically, that is, through life circumstances, and psychologically, we understand why we met at this or that time in our lives and the relationship we have met again. Every detail matters. Social standing, possible generational difference, or whether we meet as a man or a woman. Everything is true and provides us with valuable information.

They will be able to observe that in the period of a year or two, they have probably met all the important people they have dealt with in a specific embodiment at the same time. Not one of these people from that previous embodiment appears in their life when they are twenty years old and then another only when they are fifty years old. These come into their lives at the same time, when the time comes and this memory is unconsciously, yet karmically fated, washed back into their lives.

I have written unconsciously because it took me decades until I became aware of all the connections that had happened in my life and I had understood and seen through the underlying spiritual laws of reincarnation.
I remind you again of the book “Spiritual Laws of Reincarnation”.

Our spiritual connectedness, as well as our personal relationship, finds its temporal expression on all levels. No one happens to be older or younger than they are. Everything has its deep truth, which expresses their common relationship in previous embodiments.
Everything has its time (karma), when and under what circumstances they meet someone.

I wanted to know the truth about myself and have the great questions of life answered, but first had to go through the time necessary so that the Holy Spirit could let me know and understand everything in my own time, which I often had to go through and suffer through first. Every life test was real and had its consequences because of my choice through my free will, even if you only see and understand your predetermined destiny in retrospect.

I can only incompletely reflect the depth of these regularities in writing, but may develop another form of communication (podcast, video, don’t know yet) to explain this in detail. This knowledge is still completely unknown to mankind in this depth and accuracy.

The Psychology of Reincarnation

This subject is so comprehensive, especially in connection with astrology, that I can only briefly hint at a few things. Astrologically, we see in synastry everything that concerns our karmic relationship with other people we meet again. Our common history corresponds to our synastry.

Every vice hangs over us psychologically and will reach into our present incarnation. Nothing from the past is forgotten. Karma is relentless until we have mended our ways and are no longer the same in a negative sense as we once were.
As long as this vice has power over us, persons connected with it will also appear in our external existence, who are historically related to us and our vice.
For example, the miser meets again the one with whom he once had an inheritance dispute. If you do not get rid of your avarice, you will most likely not get rid of your enemy, with whom you are historically entangled through your avarice.
So it is with every virtue, down to their humor, sharing it with someone, etc.

I can only hint here, but if they study my numerous historical reincarnation examples and think about it, then they see again and again the same spiritual regularities work which are to be understood also astrologically.