Travel ban for visitors in motor vehicles

The Wacken Open Air is considered the most famous rock and metal festival in the world. More than 85,000 visitors were expected again this year.

On Tuesday, for the first time in history, the organizers had to order a travel stop to the festival area. In the region north of Hamburg, it has been raining so hard for days that the arable soils of the camping area are soaked centimeter deep. The rain is expected to continue through the upcoming weekend of events.

Vehicles that were already in the immediate vicinity were pulled onto the muddy terrain with the help of tractors belonging to local farmers. Visitors who are not yet on the way, asked not to arrive.

Rocknroll meets Hamburga

Possibly one day there will be another small planet of its own called “Wacken” in honor of the cult-rich event. Until then, the asteroid “Rocknroll” serves aptly to astrologically track the happenings of these days.

Planet Mercury (traffic/logistics) is currently running into a conjunction with asteroids Rocknroll/Hamburga and Mars in opposition to a weak retrograde Saturn in Pisces. Saturn is the structure and is in a structure-dissolving water sign in Pisces.

Daily horoscope 02.08.2023
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How does the constellation of Mercury/Rocknroll/Hamburga/Mars/Saturn show up in the sky so far?

– At a rock festival near Hamburg, powerful machines have to be used to maintain the traffic infrastructure and pave paths. Wood chips and bark mulch are used to try to make sodden floors walkable.

– Enormous backlog on the roads due to people arriving and not getting ahead. Traffic obstructions in the region were triggered.

– Thousands of stranded music fans are stuck at the airport, the main train station and parking lots in the city of Hamburg. Their onward journey to the music festival was interrupted and meanwhile stopped completely. No more visitors will be allowed on the site.

The opposition of the malefics Mars and Saturn, triggers the basic characteristics of the signs Virgo and Pisces in a negative way.

Virgo energy negatively triggered by Mars: A concept cannot be implemented as planned.

Pisces energy negatively triggered by Saturn : dissolution of structures, chaos.

However, since Mercury and Mars also form a harmonic trine to Jupiter in the coming days, no one should come to too much harm. Music fans who made it to the grounds in time should be in for a program-packed weekend despite the weather.

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