Love and responsibility; love and commitment; work is a pleasure; thrifty to stingy; abstemious and modest; loyalty and faithfulness in relationships; crisis-proof; remains calm even in difficult times and is able to solve problems together; just and fair; can handle money well, but rather rarely has large income; good judge of character; observes other people very closely; tests other people before entering into friendships or even deeper relationships; unhappy and lonely often in life; depressive phases; does not have many partners, but still experiences separation and divorce from other people; strict, critical, and sometimes has a restrictive effect on other people in his relationships; cautious and hesitant in getting involved in new relationships, because one is mostly influenced by one’s bad experiences; buzzkill; in interpersonal relationships one takes stock in this embodiment – karmically burdened relationships have to be experienced – one meets people with whom one has had bad relationships oneself, or who were quarrelsome in the family in previous embodiments; experience hardened fronts in relationships; one lives in unhappy relationships out of security or social concerns instead of separating; one has to learn to distance oneself from people who harm one; relationships that end badly and cannot be reunited;