The devoted one; loves and gives; idealizes the partner; idealizes other people and does not see their bad sides; sensitive and helpful; romantic; the art of seduction and adaptation; knows exactly what suits each person well and feels what he would need for his happiness; loves the angels and is loved by you; boundless love, because one can deeply understand each person in himself and has understanding for his weaknesses; believes and hopes for the good in people; mildness, kindness and reconciliation; musical talents; aesthete; success and talents in the field of art, tourism and hospitality; cannot separate himself from people who take advantage of him; has no real principles in interpersonal relationships, but adapts to everyone, without distinguishing enough when it would be better to set a limit and show that one does not like this or that behavior; avoids any conflict; naivety in relationships and thus becoming a victim; cannot save and spends money without controlling it; addicted to pleasure, addicted to shopping; often also unfaithful in relationships, because one likes to seduce or be seduced or simply flees from relationship problems; likes to fool oneself and others so that everything is vain bliss, although this is not the case;