Close your eyes, become still

Silence of thought and bliss. It’s like the chicken and the egg question. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? God.
Which comes first, the silence of thought or bliss? God.

Before you get to the source, you have to believe in it. Those who cannot believe will remain powerless. Whether he believes in God, the truth, or follows Satan and is convinced of the lie of denying God. Each of them chooses his deity on the path, who wanted to become an initiate.

Many Christians chose Mary, the Mother of God, as their saint, to whom they pledged themselves and or sought refuge with her. Not infrequently, it was the most grievous sinners who turned to Mary in their distress because they knew within themselves of Mary’s love and mercy. The most serious sinners know in themselves exactly the severity of God, but also that He can be softened again and again by the intercessions of Mary and the saints.

Public domain Pentecost miracle
Mary, the Apostles and the Holy Spirit

What does this have to do with meditation and stillness of thought? Much more than the one who is still struggling for silence of thought understands. When man reconciles himself with God and promises to stand loyally for Him until death, a mystery happens.
This promise does not happen overnight; it is a process of initiation. It is a promise that will gain depth and encompass our entire spiritual and mental life, as well as our actions.

This mystery is hardly possible today, as the vast majority of people have had their proverbial heads turned. There is so much unholy knowledge in the minds of people, and their souls have become so stunted that no holy space can arise within them in which they could sincerely meet God. Their pride, greed, and all their sins and justifications will not let them be still. They are in turmoil toward God without really being aware of it. Through their shouting, they fight the truth that they cannot bear, which is why they cannot become silent within themselves. Their sins and bad character weigh them down and they take refuge in the restlessness of self-realization.

Before we can advance to communion with God, we must have conquered our own demons in order to also have power over our enemies who want to prevent this.

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Antony the Great, is fought by demons

Whether in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali or in the exercises of Franz Bardon, in praying the Rosary or in other retreats of various ancient secret schools, there always comes the point in all teachings in which this decision and promise for God is made, because the devotion and willingness to selflessness is the key to achieving contemplation and the samadhi that follows.

Silence of thought and selflessness are mutually dependent. Whoever does not want to make himself important, but wants to do what serves God and the divine in the world and gives his life for this, will notice how over the years his spiritual exercises gain in depth and power, but also how the Holy Spirit overcomes him in daily life at work.

God, His angels and saints are coming closer and closer to Him. He becomes silent within himself, feels and hears them in his mind. The demons no longer have power over him. He has become holy. His consciousness expands. His spirit and soul unite with God through the Holy Spirit. (Sun/Moon/Neptune)

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