On Sept. 26, 2022, an attack was made in the Baltic Sea on the two German-Russian pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2.

In the media one could read quite quickly the assumption that Russia could be responsible for it. Russia itself denies this, saying through Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov that “it is stupid and absurd” to assume that Russia is responsible. He said the leaks were “quite problematic” for Moscow. “The expensive gas is now disappearing into the air”.

At a press conference on Feb. 7, 2022, President Biden said that “there will be no more Nord Stream 2 [werde]. We will end it.” Asked how he would accomplish that, Biden said, “I promise you we will get it done.”


Russia is currently initiating terrorism investigations – the U.S. calls the accusations “ridiculous.”

What shows up astrologically?

Russia in Scorpio opposition Algol square Saturn in Aquarius

The asteroid Russia, which represents Russia, is currently running in Scorpio (scapegoat), in opposition to the fixed star Algol (the cruel, tyrannical dictator who does evil out of hatred). So we see clearly confirmed that unfortunately Russia is not showing its best side at the moment.

With the Russia asteroid still running slightly into the square to Saturn in Aquarius (exclusion from the community), the blame (Saturn) for this attack may be all too quick to fall on Russia.

For professionals: The square of Saturn to Russia is very wide at 6.3°, but still must not be overlooked because the asteroid Russia is running in declination with Saturn (debt/sanction).

Mars square Neptune/Markab opposition retrograde Mercury/America

The stars suggest that this attack (Mars) at sea (Neptune) should be understood as an explosive discharge of pent-up aggression (Markab) on the part of the USA (America).

The attack was not direct, but hidden (Mars square Neptune), where false information up to direct lies (Mercury/America retrograde) can mislead.

Mars Declination Pluto/Germania

The consequences of this act of violence (Mars) directly target the fossil energy sources (Pluto) of Germany (Pluto/Germania).

“The first casualty in war is the truth”.