The beginnings

Dieter Schwarz is the founder of the discount grocery chain Lidl. With a fortune of 31 billion, he is one of the richest Germans. It all started with a small tropical fruit business run by his father, in which he became a liable co-partner in 1963 at the age of twenty-four.

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Lidl South fruit trade

The radix of Dieter Schwarz

How can we read out this success in his radix?

We see a conjunction of the Libra Sun with Mercury/Venus in opposition to a Jupiter in Aries. So someone who has a lucky hand in trading (Sun/Mercury/Venus) and expands successfully (Jupiter).

The planet Venus, Mercury and Ceres are attributed to the food trade. We see that the asteroid Ceres is in conjunction with Germania and in conjunction with the fixed star Merak (power, stronger than competition, monopoly positions). The discounter Lidl became one of the largest food retailers in Germany. At present, the chain continues to grow faster than its competitors Aldi and Rewe.

His problematic T-square of Mars/Saturn/Pluto, also activates his lunar node in conjunction with the fixed star Princeps (the best of leaders). Dieter Schwarz has literally fought a battle with all other competitors (Mars, Pluto, Saturn, lunar nodes) and won. He owes this victory to the fact that this T-square is harmoniously conjunct his Sun Stellium and Jupiter. In addition, Mars is in conjunction with the fixed star Altair (organizational talent, economic and social advancement to the highest positions). He is the parade entrepreneur, so to speak, who conquers new terrain even under the most difficult conditions (T-square involving Mars) (Jupiter in Aries).

Radix Dieter Schwarz
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