Sun in Libra zodiac sign

The charming, diplomatic and balancing person; beauty, harmony and a happy togetherness are more important to him than anything else. Affable and friendly person who is often liked by many people. Strongly meeting-oriented and likes to have a partner at his side, after which he quite aligns his life. Can only be alone with difficulty. Inclined to suppress what is contrary to one’s need for harmony and or to talk nicely; likes to lie to himself and is still friendly even when he is already boiling inside. Unstable, never committing himself and clearly taking a position, he wants to please everyone, but does not realize that in reality he only wants to please himself, because he avoids all conflicts due to his need for harmony. Makes false compromises in relationships or simply ends up in love triangles because he doesn’t want to decide or commit to anything. Arrogant condemnation of people who have the courage to address sore points and taboos.