Moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius

Restless, under tension being, who has difficulty with emotional closeness and therefore does not really want to commit himself; if this person has to submit to external circumstances, he nevertheless remains inwardly rebellious; emotionally rather cool, distant and non-committal; hardly feels obliged to do anything, but insists on acting voluntarily of his own accord; suddenly shooting out emotions – shrill; often lets the other person feel that he needs nothing from him; always surprises those around him by unexpected and unorthodox behavior; feels he is special and better than others; unruly and rebellious; ready to change residence at any time; the mother who finds it difficult to balance her temperament with her mothering duties; the globetrotter who lives her life independently and self-determined; feels comfortable in a wide variety of groups, spiritual communities, and with friends, but often has a hard time with close family relationships;