Transit Saturn square my Venus

At the moment it is not easy for me to write something entertaining for you, because I feel inside me how sad I still am about a personal loss.

Grief over the *earthly* loss of a human or animal we love is natural to our loving soul. We need some time (Saturn) to appreciate the past relationship and look forward again to the beautiful things ahead (Venus).

Since the beginning of the year, transiting Saturn has been forming a square to my 5th house Venus. This aspect requires me to pay conscious attention to the beautiful things in life every day, so as not to lose the joy of life underneath during these months (Saturn/Venus). As astrologers, however, with an honest look into the stars, we also foresee those events that sometimes one would rather not believe.

In my parents’ house I was accompanied for 16 years by a very loving, faithful cat named Rocco. A real hunter and adventurer, at the same time cuddly, talkative and very approachable. A particularly old familiar cat soul.

In astrological interpretation practice, as well as in my experience, our pets are correctly assigned to the 5th house. If we now have an old or very ill animal at home, we must realistically expect the end of our four-legged friend’s life during the time of Saturn’s transit through the 5th house. Venus is the sphere of all our relationships with people, animals and things we like and to which our heart is attached.

Thus, transiting Saturn from the 5th house square my Venus indicated the end of life due to age and the parting with my cat a few weeks ago.

Saturn/Venus = A (love) relationship comes to an end.

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Farewell process heavenly accompanied?

The wonderful thing was that our cat was not allowed to pass away peacefully in our arms until the third morning after I arrived home for the vacations.

In human beings, we often speak of their willpower keeping them alive until a particular loved one has been able to say goodbye, or conversely, the person does not leave until a loved one has left the room.

I believe that an animal does not have the necessary consciousness of its own for this, but I am convinced that our guardian angels also watch over them.

It may sound like a coincidence to some people. I felt that out of my love for him, our heavenly attendants were watching over his going and my coming home so fittingly in time.

Because we thought back in April, when I was also just on site, that we would have to take him to the vet to be put to sleep. He then picked himself up again for two months. He could easily have died in the eight weeks between my visits.

I don’t know if I can express it properly, but the “timing” was so coherently directed for me by a higher power that I am just deeply grateful for it.

By the way, at the time of his death I had transit Sun/Moon/Angel in the 9th house exactly on my Chiron and in opposition to my Sun.

Photo Rocco E. Hahn