The extreme athlete Joey Kelly

These days an interview with the title: “Joey knows no boundaries” ran across my screen on Youtube. Extreme athlete Joey Kelly presented his new illustrated book “No Limits” there.

What moves a person to walk hundreds of thousands of kilometers through the most barren desert landscapes on earth and to face ever tougher challenges? Kelly mastered the Sahara Desert Run, the Badwater Run in Death Valley, the Alaska 100-Mile Rage and the Race across America bike race, to name a few of his challenges. Once he walked 900km across Germany, feeding only on what he found in nature. In November we can see him as a participant in the 3rd season “7 vs. Wild”.

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As a child of the famous Kelly Family, we first see in his Venus/Mercury/Neptune conjunction the gifted musician with a beautiful voice. The conjunct is in the sign of Sagittarius, which is why he will find happiness far away and will always meet new people around the world, as well as have good friends abroad.

Joey mentioned that at the peak of his athletic career, he had aspirations of being in the top ten in the race, but the joy of running was always the priority. With Mars in the sign of Scorpio, he spares neither himself nor others. He runs until the last resources are used up and if necessary even beyond that, because “what does not kill him makes him stronger” (Scorpio). However, with this position he also knows how to strategically divide his forces.

In addition to his top athletic performances, he is known for always setting new goals (Sagittarius), treading paths not yet trodden, and constantly pushing his own limits of what is possible. Consistent with this, his Sagittarius Sun is at the Galactic Center (international prominence) in exact conjunction with the asteroid Icarus.

Who was Icarus?

Daedalus Icarus Asteroids Astrology

Daedalus and Icarus Public Domain

Icarus was an ancient Greek boy whose father Daedalus invented him wings made of feathers attached to a linkage to fly. His father warned him not to fly too high or too low because of the heat of the sun and the humidity of the water, but Icarus was overcome with exuberance out of joy at his success. He soared so high that the sun melted the wax of his wings and he plummeted into the sea.

But what is too high and what is too low? Where exactly is this limit and when is it exceeded? Is this what Icarus, while enjoying flying itself, wanted to find out and provoke a little?

Related to Ikaurs types, i.e. people with prominent Ikarus position in the horoscope, I understand the asteroid in such a way that it lets them test and exceed the limits of what is conceivable, sayable and feasible so far, accepting all consequences. In their nature lies the courage to take risks. They are border crossers in the truest sense, not only on a physical but also on a spiritual level.

Fearful and rather cautious people probably find this power foolish, because why should one expose oneself to danger, when it is safe within the known limits?

Examples of famous personalities with significant Icarus position

Ann-Kathrin Bendixen is also a participant in the 3rd season of “7 vs. Wild”. The young influencer has been traveling the world alone on a motorcycle since 2019 and reports on her experiences on social media. She is born under a tight conjunction of Sun/Mercury/Icarus in rugged Capricorn.

Ahmed Gabr is a former combat swimmer for the Egyptian army and dove the previous world record of 332 meters in 2014. With oxygen tanks attached to a line, he descended within 12 minutes and resurfaced in over 15 hours. Also with him we see Icarus on his Sun in the water sign Scorpio (the depth).

Californian Alex Honnold is considered the most famous free solo climber. He knows no fear and does not tire in the wall. With Icarus on the Galactic Center in trine to his Leo Sun, he gained worldwide fame for pushing the limits in free climbing.

Valery Vladimirovich Rosov was a Russian base jumper. He jumped with a wingsuit from a 7220 meter high mountain in the Himalayas. His fatal jump from Ama Dablam in 2017 was his undoing. Unfortunately, his radix had an Icarus/Mercury conjunction in T-square to Mars/Pluto and the Moon’s Node prefigured. The accidental death (Mars/Pluto) with the wingsuit (Mercury/Icarus) was his destiny (lunar nodes)?

The animal and nature filmmaker Andreas Kieling was recently severely attacked by a bear, as well as bitten by a poisonous snake. No one gets as close to bears as he does. His radix shows, besides a Scorpio Sun, a conjunction of Moon/Icarus/GZ/Saturn/Toro. Saturn is already in rulership in Capricorn and helps to survive the dangerous attacks relatively unscathed again and again.

You can continue this list numerous times by looking at horoscopes of people who have reached their limits and beyond in their sphere of influence, pushing it further and further. However, border crossers are not only in the sporting field, but in every field, also in the humanities, hermetics and many more. to find.

A little advice

I would tend to advise a normal mortal under a transit of Icarus in the aspect of tension to their own Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn or Pluto radix against undertaking extreme sports or particularly daring adventures. These days, beware of overconfidence until the transit has passed. For example, transit Icarus in square or opposition to Mars and Saturn could even conjure up an accident with broken bones from overconfident misjudgement.