Transit Neptune on the resort

How should it be different under transit Neptune exactly on my radix asteroid “Grancanaria”, I relax these days on vacation on the beautiful Canary Island.

Double is better and so the transit “Grancanaria” ran over the house cusp into my 9th house of foreign travel just before departure.
If I go abroad and activate my 9th house, I will encounter the Spanish island there during these weeks, so to speak.
That I like it here with transit Neptune on “Grancanaria” in trine to my Venus and in sextile to my Jupiter and that I can really recover well (Neptune) is clear as day.

Transits E. Rooster 08/23
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Secondary progression

With the progressive Moon in Leo in secondary progression, my basic needs will be met during these two and a half years, lying lazily in the hot sun more often than not :). The progressive moon this month exactly on the progressive MC, lets me share my vacation impressions publicly with you.

Progressive Moon E. Rooster 08/23
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Destination chosen “by chance

I originally booked the trip to Greece at the beginning of the year and only rebooked about two months ago in favor of a more appealing hotel to Gran Canaria.
I didn’t have the asteroid in mind at all, so I’m even more impressed to find it so appropriately aspected. Once again, it seems as if it has been predetermined by providence coupled with our will for quite some time what we will experience at what time in our lives.

Where did your vacation take you this year? Just look how the country or the city was involved in their radix by place asteroids. This is also exciting to explore in retrospect for all past trips.

If your vacation is yet to come, I wish you an equally beautiful and relaxing time!

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