Niger is rich and strategically important

Public domain Pixapay / Niger

  1. Niger has one billion barrels of crude oil.
  2. The pipeline across Benin to the Atlantic Ocean has just been completed. The nation is on the verge of exporting crude oil.
  3. Niger is home to the largest U.S. drone base. (Recall Irlmaier’s prophecy that thousands of drones would rise from the desert sands in the Sahel to provide the deadly yellow streak to repel Russian troops…..)
  4. In Niger itself, about a thousand American and French soldiers are stationed throughout.
  5. Niger is one of the main producers of uranium, which ultimately supplies Western nuclear power plants.
  6. Niger blocked the export of uranium and gold to the West after the coup.
  7. Niger is economically controlled by the CFA franc, a colonial currency of the French, to ensure that the country’s resources can be used for France.

France and the USA now threaten to intervene

Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron announced these days that they will very much stick to an intervention in Niger, as ECOWAS has backed down for the time being.

Under the leadership of the British, the Serbs are being given the thumbscrews

Western politicians are calling for an end to the appeasement policy toward Serbia. Several high-ranking diplomats and politicians have recently written a letter to Miroslav Lajcák, who is leading the EU-Kosovo-Serbia negotiations, demanding that Serbia finally be shown clear limits.
There are numerous reports describing that several arms shipments from Serbia reached Kosovo Serbia in recent months.

Aleksandar Vučić would be well advised not to seek armed conflict, given his difficult transits to his Mars.

We see how the transiting lunar node is currently triggering its Mars (war, weapons, aggression). The conflict (Mars) condenses (lunar node). Transit Pluto (compulsion, no way out, power conflict) forms a square to his Mars. He sees no way out but to arm himself against superior forces and prepare for war.
Transit Saturn, however, will transit his planets in Pisces for the next few years, showing him his limitations (Saturn).
Transit Mars (aggressiveness) and Mercury (letter) were in opposition to Alexandar Vučić Sun at the time of publishing this official letter. Here, his person explicitly becomes the target of the new course that is demanded.
The thumbscrews are being tightened on the Serbs and another conflict threatens to create another problem for Europe soon.

Transit Pluto Square Mars