Saturn demands


Saturn always ensures order. Saturn teaches us to be conscientious and orderly. The negative saturnine form of realization can lead to pedantry and pettiness.

The house that is transited by Saturn, as well as the planets that are triggered by it in disharmonious aspects, are the subject areas in which we are asked to learn more neatness and conscientiousness. Order is a prerequisite for clarity.


Saturn represents permanence. Through Saturn we learn that if something is to last as long as possible on earth, it must be in harmony with the spiritual laws of the divine order. What endures the time has a high quality.

We should not hold it against Saturn if he is hard on us in his severity and intransigence and does not give us anything we have not worked for. Whoever withstands and lives up to the tests of Saturn increases his quality in the triggered subject area. Good quality takes time.


Saturn teaches us to work so that the work happens. Jupiter makes us strive for success, Saturn for manifestation. Without believing in one’s success (Jupiter), there is a lack of strength to move forward, but without acting and implementing one’s visions (Saturn), no visible and lasting success will come about.

Under Saturn transits, we should be aware that we need to work hard and show perseverance. For perseverance, on the one hand, you have to believe unwaveringly in your success, but you also have to work steadfastly for it. Saturn does not want us to waste our time senselessly, but to concentrate on our work and duty. Saturn is not interested in success, but in the work. Those who remain focused on the work automatically develop the perseverance that Saturn demands.


There are always obstacles to manifestation. These obstacles are the result of our karma.
Manifestations (Saturn) are the result of the ability to use energy (Uranus) to implement ideas (Uranus) (Saturn). Only through Saturn do we learn to put things into practice so that ultimately a manifestation comes about. According to Saturn’s judgment, no one is better than his results.