How and for what do you use your time? After all, everything that manifests itself materially is limited in time. Our spirit lives forever, but not our body.

In the management of one’s time, one tends to become more uncompromising with age. Our life experience has taught us who we are, what we want and is good for us, as well as what we don’t want to waste any more time on, or should. What you wanted to do, you should do, instead of putting it on the back burner, which, however, is not long enough.

Above all, every time also has its quality that does not return. So also every time has its works, by which, the creative works of a person in this time are coined.

Every time has something to it, the good times as well as the bad times we live through. We may become more resistant to the bad (astrological) times because we have rested deeper within ourselves and chosen love, but still not every day is fair weather. Sometimes it storms and rains in our lives, sometimes it is cold, then it becomes pleasantly warm. However, if we have learned to love life, we want to have loving people around us to spend time with.

Choosing love is the most important decision in life, because then we will spend most of our life happily. Looking back, what counts is how much we have loved, because that is what stays with us and prepares the basis for a happy life in the next life.

Lisa and Frank
Source: AstroPointer