Matteo Salvini and his last battle?

Already Tankred of Tiberias name and fame was greater abroad than in his country of origin. Tankred of Tiberias was Italian Norman and Crusader who became the Prince of Galilee and Regent of the Principality of Antioch. Matteo Salvini’s crusade against Brussels, on the other hand, turned out to be a complete failure. In yesterday’s election, the versatile man born under the zodiac sign of Pisces got his comeuppance for giving the EU Commission under Ursula von der Leyen a majority in the EU Parliament and, most recently, for leading the Lega into the (almost) all-party government by Brussels’ grace under Mario Draghi. Of course, to lure some billions in Corona aid payments for Italy. The crusader against Brussels mutated into a robber baron. The robber barons among themselves?

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
Tankred of Tiberias / Matteo Salvini

The Italian media headlines “Salvini on the Ejector Seat!” As always, such headlines are also mapped in the horoscope based on the transits.

We see transit Uranus on the Moon in the eleventh house of the parties. Ejection seat is quite an apt term when Uranus is on your Moon in the house of like-minded people. You can quickly become history.
In addition there is the square of the transit Saturn to this Moon. You feel alone and are afraid (Saturn) that all your friends will distance themselves from you (Uranus).

Radix + Transits Matteo Salvini

With a transit Mars in the twelfth house, he is now weak in battle. He can’t hold his own and the secret enemies are already ganging up on him with this Martian transit. Mars will continue to go retrograde in the twelfth house for a long time, so Salvini can only sit out the dicey situation in his career. If he’s smart, he’ll keep quiet, be content not to be Interior Minister, and hold down the fort as best he can. If he goes on the offensive, he runs the risk of losing his position.

Sooner or later Salvini will most probably have to clear the field, because in such a battered position he is in, he will hardly survive the transit of Saturn over his Venus, Sun and Mercury in 2023, 2024 in political terms. Criticism of his person will increase.

Those who fall away from the faith and are not willing to carry their cross, which they have taken up, are not heroes, but are usually replaceable. Now Matteo Salvini must show how he can escape his impending fate by looking for a way out himself that will not put him at a disadvantage.