Keith Raniere

Keith Raniere (8/26/1960 Albany) is a criminal sentenced for 120 years, former cult guru, entrepreneur and psycho coach. In 1998, he founded a sect disguised as a self-help organization in which he kept women like slaves and enriched himself from them. Convicted with him were actress Mack Allison, Nancy Salzman and heiress Clare Bronfman.

Frank Parlato Jr.

His crimes were uncovered by the publisher Frank Parlato Jr. whom he had hired as a publicist for his cult. When Frank Parlato Jr. realized what was going on in the cult, he helped several women get out of it, after which he was hit with a wave of lawsuits from Keith Raniere’s NXIVM organization. He then began to keep a public blog in which he told what was going on in this cult, so that Keith Raniere came down. I mention Frank Parlato Jr. because he has developed, with great attention to detail, the most detailed page on Swami Vivekananda in recent decades.

Swami Vivekananda had a great devotee named Frances Elizabeth Newbury Bagley (1833-1898), the wife of the governor of Michigan. So then we understand the strong interest of Frank Parlato Jr. to Swami Vivekananda when you see the two of them side by side. He kept the memory of the swami alive until the present. / Public Domain
Frances Elizabeth Newbury Bagley / Frank Parlato Jr.

Radix Keith Raniere

Classically for a sinister cult guru who sexually abuses women, we see a Sun/Pluto/Magion conjunction. With Venus/Moon Node/Apollo/Fraternitas square Mars/Eros, we see the unquenched sexual hunger of the cult’s founder, who sexually exploited and abused numerous (Gemini) women in a community. With Sun/Pluto/Magion in opposition to Chiron, he is a magical and charismatic person (he has already lost his charisma at the police photo).

With the beautiful position of the Moon on Spica in sextile to Jupiter, as well as Lunar Node/Venus/Apollo, he always found access to new prominent women who even supported him in his activities.
With Princeps/Neptune well aspected we see a personality that has spiritual power.
With Sirius/Lilith/Lucifer, he will go down in America’s history as a hypnotic devil and abuser (Sirius).

Radix Keith Raniere time 12:00 notional

Allison Mack

The equally doomed actress Allison Mack, who actively supported him in this, has a Mars/Pluto/Eros conjunction on Spica.
Princeps/Jupiter/Asmodeus (lord of whores and harlots) in the square to the Sun (immoral personality).
With Sirius/Venus/Moon Node square Saturn/Lucifer/Pallas, she becomes famous not only as an artist, but also as a convicted accomplice to a sex offender.
With Algol/Chiron in opposition to Moon/Uranus, we see someone who could be emotionally sadistic towards women and hurt them mentally or even physically.

Frank Parlato Jr. Keith Janiere Allison Mack

Radix Allison Mack

I wish Frank Parlato Jr. I wish him all the best for his final trial, which is scheduled for April, so that he comes out of this story relatively unscathed.