America after the First World War

The First World War had dissolved the world order dominated by Europe. America’s industrialization proceeded apace, providing the basis to position America to conquer and dominate the world market using the quantity of its production, as well as the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. America should establish Western hegemony over the world. From then on, Europe had to subordinate itself to America.

The Prohibition Era

In America, the Puritan spirit of devout Christians urged a solution to the alcohol problem in American society. Despite President Woodrow Wilson’s veto, Prohibition went into effect in 1920. America should be spiritually, morally and physically healthy.

Of course, prohibiting an emerging nation whose population included millions of winners, as well as hard-working artisans, from celebrating their successes with alcohol was literally a crackpot idea. Instead of beer, whiskey and gin were drunk.

On the other hand, it gave the criminal gangster gangs the deal of a lifetime. The bosses of the gangs would become feared yet respected and influential figures in cities like New York and Chicago for over a decade, supplying their customers with supplies. There are no exhilarating parties without alcohol. Gang wars and murders filled the daily headlines.

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
Famous mobsters and mafiosi

It would not be until thirteen years later that general prohibition of alcohol would be enacted under President Franklin. D. Roosevelt to be abolished again. He then indulged in his favorite drink a dirty martini.

Cultural and historical value

In terms of cultural history, the legacy of Prohibition, not only for America, but through Hollywood’s gangster films, has become meaningful to the entire world. The gangster episodes were to become the material for numerous Mafia films. Even today, many men can identify with Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano and Frank Costello, who served the illegal demand. For the parched throats of hard-working men, the bootleggers were probably seen as daring heroes rather than criminals.

Fictional cast for a mafia epic

Have you ever asked yourself what current stars you would use to cast a movie that could reflect the Prohibition-era gangster bosses and their relationships with each other as real as possible? If I were the director, the cast of my mafia epic would be as follows.

The two most important godfathers of New York

There were five Italian-American families that ruled New York during the Prohibition era. The Genovese, Lucchese, Colombo, Gambino and Bonnano families controlled New York and the surrounding regions.


Frank Costello

Frank Costello was the head of the Genovese family. In my mafia movie, I would cast him with Bradley Cooper. He would be the ideal mafia boss.

Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
Frank Costello / Bradley Cooper

Lucky Luciano

How did Lady Gaga describe her friendship with Bradley Cooper? We had great chemistry at first sight.
Costello and Lucky Luciano were both members and bosses of the Genovese family, which would later become the Luciano family under Lucky Luciano.
Given the appearance, charisma and relationship of these two mobsters, I immediately thought of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper as the ideal cast.

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
Lucky Luciano / Lady Gaga

Chicago’s godfathers

The boomtown between 1890 and 1940, however, was Chicago. During the Prohibition era, the number of murders increased to 700 people per year. Instead of crime being reduced, which was hoped for from the alcohol ban, it really exploded. Chicago was a tough place not only for the citizens but also for the criminals. Few managed to grow old.

Source: Pixabay

Al Capone and Eliot Ness

Al Capone, along with Johnny Torrio, controlled the Chicago underworld in the 1930s. They derived their income from gambling, racketeering, prostitution and illegal alcohol trafficking. They were being hunted by special agent Eliot Ness, who had his heart set on Al Capone.

There is, of course, a top cast for these two characters as well. How about Rihanna in the role of Al Capone and rapper Enimem as Eliot Ness?

In 2010, Rihanna and Enimem released the song “Love the way you lie” together and another collaboration followed in 2013 with “Mo(b)nster”. Could it not be that we are dealing with a revival here? Today already billionaires at the same age?

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
Eliot Ness / Al Capone
Eminem / Rihanna

What few know. Al Capone’s favorite vacation destination was the Caribbean. Pictured with Cuban Mayor Julio Morales (pictured right). Rihanna was born on the Caribbean island of Barbados. Life writes the best stories, you don’t even have to make them up.

Source: Public Domain
Al Capone / Julio Morales right

Historical parallelism

Are perhaps the former mobsters and gangsters currently the figureheads of American pop culture and stars of Hollywood? Her texts, films and stories reflect in some ways the continuation of her lifestyle at the time. Now they have become legally rich and world famous through their intellectual creativity, courage to step on the stage and put themselves in the limelight. Their music and films convey a sense of freedom, wildness, lawlessness and adventure to Western civilization. Wouldn’t it be obvious, in case of a possible reincarnation, to look for a profession that allows the former protagonists of the Prohibition era to live out their temperament and at the same time become famous, powerful and rich?

Charles Dean O’Banion and Hymie Weiss

Other roles were given to Madonna as Chicago North Side gang boss Charles Dean O’Banion in my fictional mob epic. He and his successor Hymie Weiss were the rivals of Al Capone and Johnny Torrio.

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
Charles Dean O’Banion / Madonna / Hymie Weiss / Sean Pean

O’Banion began his career as a singing waiter at McGovern’s Saloon and Cabaret. While he was initially able to coordinate with the Chicago Outfit Cartel, led by Johnny Torrio, he grew increasingly suspicious of Johnny Torrio and Al Capone as time went on. O’Banion and Hymie Weiss were unwilling to fully recognize Johnny Torrio’s authority as chief, whereupon the latter had O’Banion killed in his flower store by three of his gang members.

Johnny Torrio

I would cast hotel heiress, singer and actress Paris Hilton in the role of Johnny Torrio. Her business acumen and ability to market herself, coupled with her provocatively confident appearance, strikes me as distinctly related to the dazzling yet coolly calculating personality of Johnny Torrio.

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain / Johnny Torrio / Paris Hilton

These would be my main characters for a remake of a mafia epic about the former mobsters and mafia bosses of the Prohibition era. I would also know how to cast the supporting roles.

General Custer, Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill

To avoid misunderstandings, I can of course think of other roles that could be filmed with the same stars. How about Paris Hilton as George A. Custer, for example?

Source: Commons Wikimedia / Public Domain
George A. Custer / Paris Hilton

Sitting Bull, probably the most famous Indian chief of all time, we would of course have to start with “Mr. Red Bull” personally occupy Dietrich Mateschitz.

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
Sitting Bull / Dietrich Mateschitz

The role of Buffalo Bill would be tailor-made for Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s motorsport chief.

Buffalo Bill / Helmut Marko – Moffet, Chicago 1911

The Mormons

America, the land of unlimited possibilities with the planet Neptune (film, drama, visions, illusions, delimitation) close to the Medium Coeli / MC of the national horoscope, had of course its prophets, like every great nation. Joseph Smith Jr. (1805-1844) was the founder of Mormonism, in whose visions sixteen million Mormons still believe today.

Joseph Smith

For a film adaptation of the birth of Mormonism, my ideal casting would be actor and Scientologist Tom Cruise. Who would not discover here numerous historical parallelisms between these two personalities? Currently born under a Sun/Sirius conjunction the Regent of America, destined to become a beacon of American culture in his role as an American agent and Top Gun Fighter.
Joseph Smith was also an ambitious character. He not only founded Mormonism, but even ran for President of the United States in 1844.

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
Joseph Smith Jr. / Tom Cruise

John Smith (General Authority)

The Mormons were led by Joseph Smith’s uncle John Smith General Authority of Mormons. He would be ideal casting for a film adaptation of future American President Ronald Reagan. I wonder if the two Smiths might be close now, too.

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
John Smith General Authority / Ronald Reagan

Joseph Smith’s wife Emma

It is perhaps obvious, because married Joseph Smith Jr. with Emma Smith. To complete this triumverate, I would cast Kathie Holmes in the role of Emma Smith.

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
Emma Smith / Katie Holmes – Lee Greene Richards

Wouldn’t it be interesting if Hollywood produced films in the future that took these historical parallels of the characters and their, surrounding them, into account when choosing its actors?
If Madonna ever reads these lines, she can be assured that there are roles for her in my films that would do justice to all her character traits, such as as Elizabeth Monroe, the woman at the side of the fifth president James Monroe.

Source: / Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
James Monroe / Sean Penn / Madonna / Elizabeth Monroe

America will continue to provide AstroPointer with exciting stories and narratives in the future, because it is the land of opportunity. From president, to mob boss to world star. Anything is possible in America.