America’s mentality

America is a young nation. The United States has achieved world domination within two centuries. America was not crowned emperor by succession when he was twenty years old, but attained this by his own power.

Faith shapes the mentality and culture of a people

The process of formation of a nation, its development, its crises and all that makes life experience emerge in a person also applies to any nation and its people. The great difference between America and Russia is the fact that America is about two hundred and fifty years old and is most strongly influenced in its value base by the Protestant liberal spirit, Russia is about a thousand years old and bases its value base in conservative Orthodox Christianity.

The mentality and culture of a people is most strongly shaped by their faith. You always believe in something. Even the “enlightened atheist” and technician, who bases his convictions and beliefs on Darwinism and scientific logic, or the climate protector, who has elevated climate protection to his religion or sense of life, believe in something. Man is a religious being and must believe in something from which he derives his meaning of life.

The nations, peoples and people quarrel among themselves because of their different beliefs and related claims and will to shape the world. Is there anyone among us who really knows the truth about the creation of the world and man by God? Do we really know the truth about what is currently still invisible to us? Instead of arguing until we go to war with each other based on theoretical assumptions about what is true or not true, we should deepen our quest to seek the truth about our origin and destiny so that what we believe in approaches the truth.

For the Zoroastrians, the Hindus and some other faith communities, the reincarnation of man was self-evident. There is enough evidence in early Christianity that reincarnation was part of Christian doctrine. However, it is clearly proven when, how, on what occasion and with what intention the doctrine of reincarnation, was dogmatically banned from Christianity by the emperor and the church. Why do you dogmatically fight and banish a belief? If this belief is not based in any truth, it has no power anyway and does not need to be forbidden by dogmas.

America believes in itself and in God

The United States came into being through a process of colonization. The first settlers were adventurers and people who hoped for freedom and a new beginning with better opportunities. The American mentality is deeply influenced by the hope for happiness and the will to become successful through one’s own drive in order to have a better life in the future. Everyone can be the architect of his own fortune.

This incredibly rapid success of America in becoming the dominant nation of this world within two hundred years led to a strong self-confidence and belief in its nation. Patriotism is deeply rooted in the American people from this background.
However, since the nation already became a world star in “youth,” this circumstance, due to a lack of life experience, tempts people to overestimate themselves and their possibilities. Anyone who becomes a world star at the age of twenty-five will need wise advisors to remain a world star.

The political development of America and its most formative personalities

The founding family of America, around John Smith and John Rolfe, we have already looked through in the first part on America. In the second part, we analyzed the most significant preachers and missionaries in the history of America from the theoretical perspective of reincarnation. In this paper, we will again follow the flow of mnemosyne to examine other significant political figures and signers of the Declaration of Independence from the perspective of reincarnation theory, as their actions significantly influenced American mentality, beliefs, and history.

We also recommend the reader to compare real photos of all the people with their paintings.

George Washington was elected America’s first president in 1789 without a dissenting vote. George Washington was also one of the signers of the American Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia.

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
George Washington / David Rockefeller

George Washington’s administration leaned on Alexander Hamilton and John Adams in Congress. It appears that the Bush family was involved in the building of the American nation from the beginning.

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
Alexander Hamilton / George Bush Sen.

Reading the biographies of Alexander Hamilton and John Adams, numerous historical parallels point to George Bush Sen. and entrepreneur and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Alexander Hamilton was also a signer of the Declaration of Independence and contributed significantly to its content.

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
John Adams / Michael Bloomberg

Opposing them at that time was the faction of the Anti-Administration Party around the two later presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Madison had also signed the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of the content of the Declaration of Independence, but was abroad at the time of signing.

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
Thomas Jefferson / Bill Clinton

If my revelations through the flow of mnemosyne are true, then we see that not only have all personalities met again through politics, but they are also in the same relationship as they once were. As we could already understand from the history of Russia, we never lose sight of each other as long as our sympathy and trust for each other lasts. We meet again to continue our history together as friends, or possibly as competitors and enemies.

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
James Madison / Hillary Clinton

The signers of the American Declaration of Independence

John Hancock

The first signatory was John Hancock. The size of his signature became synonymous in America with the call to sign, “Please, put your John Hancock here!” John Hancock is an interesting figure in American history whose story of existence is mystically related to the sun god Mithras and Helios of the Greeks, as the River of Mnemosyne revealed to me.
We will discuss John Hancock in more detail in the course of these speculative contributions to reincarnation. This mystical relationship between Mithras, the sun god, and the Statue of Liberty, finds expression in the seven-rayed crown borrowed from the gloriole of ancient representations of Helios and Mithras. The sun god Mithras, Sol Invictus, the unconquered sun.

Source: Commons Wikimedia / Pixabay Wikimedia
Sol Invictus – Mithras / John Hancock / The Statue of Liberty

John Dickinson

John Dickinson came from a family of tobacco growers and operated a 2000-acre plantation. He was a Quaker and, according to Jane Calvert, an early feminist who suggested gender-specific wording when drafting the Declaration of Independence.
According to historical documents of archaeologists, on the territory of his plantation during excavations were found about 400 buried slaves. John Dickinson was president of Delaware and later became governor of Pennsylvania as well. Regarding John Dickinson’s marriage, we see a one-to-one parallelism with the present.

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
John Dickinson / Joe Biden

William Few

John Dickinson was by no means the only signer, along with George Washington and James Madison, who would go on to hold the office of President throughout American history. It can be proven time and again in the history of any nation that the outstanding personalities of a nation, once again in their subsequent embodiments, stand out from the crowd by their personality and achievements. So, too, William Few, as the River of Mnemosyne reveals to me, would become American president two hundred years later.

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
William Few / Gerald Ford

Lewis Morris

It is beyond the scope of this paper to describe each of the signers and founding fathers of American history. What should be very interesting, however, is the fact that some of these founding fathers are currently among America’s movie and pop stars. A significant part of American culture and identity is represented by Hollywood and its stars, who have taken the American dream to the world.

Lewis Morris great-grandfather bought the first tract of land in the Bronx. He established a farm, which after its looting and destruction in the Civil War, was rebuilt by Lewis Morris. Robert de Niro was born in New York. He became famous for his role as a New York cab driver in the movie “Taxi Driver”.

Source: Commons Wikimedia
Lewis Morris / Robert De Niro

George Clymer

George Clymer, another signer of the Declaration of Independence was the first president of the Philadelphia Bank and the Academy of Fine Arts. Wouldn’t it be another historical parallel if the former first president of the Academy of Fine Arts, at a time when actors are admired and become the idols of a nation, emerged as the outstanding actor of their nation? We will see many more examples of this in further posts on America.

Source: Commons Wikimedia Public Domain
George Clymer / Merryl Streep

Roger Sherman

Sometimes God’s ways seem inscrutable as to which paths He will lead us back to the nation that has become our new home. But no one happens to be born in Warsaw as the son of a Polish diplomat.
Stanislaw Zólkiewski (1547-1620) was a Polish aristocrat, general and statesman. At the time of the Russian throne turmoil Poland-Lithuania intervened in Russia and even occupied Moscow for two years under the leadership of the Kronfeldhetman Stanislaw Zólkiewski.

With this knowledge, one can understand why someone is reborn hundreds of years later in his original homeland as the son of a Polish diplomat whose parents emigrate to America. At the same time, the motives of Brzezinski’s influence on American politics can also be traced as a repetition of what he once willingly pursued and operated long ago. Could it not be that in this case, too, someone wanted to continue his story?

My research results on reincarnation establish a context of meaning on the basis of historical parallelisms to persons of the present. These historical parallelisms are based on numerous factors. One of the most significant factors is also always geography, as an expression of our history of existence.

Source: / Commons Wikimedia Public Domain Stanislaw Zolkiewski / Roger Sherman / Brzezinski Zbigniew

Whether an American has German, English, or Polish ancestry is rooted in his or her past history of existence. Parents, nation, religion, qualifications and friends are not coincidental, but an expression and proof of the history of our existence that we have written here on earth. Divine Providence watches over our birth so that we continue our history of existence here on earth according to our karma, which we can also read from our radix with the help of reincarnation astrology.

Radix United Nations

If we look at America’s national chart, we see the brightest fixed star Sirius in conjunction with the Sun in Cancer in the eighth house (banks, other people’s money, transformation). With this position alone, we know that America was destined to become a great nation (Sun/Sirius). Popular and wealthy due to her Venus Jupiter conjunction in the seventh house. One also expands his influence and becomes successful (Jupiter) through his inventors (Prometheus).

The second major light, the Moon, is in Aquarius in conjunction with Pallas and in opposition to Regulus (Europa). The basic need of the people (Moon) is determined by the desire for political (Pallas) independence (Aquarius) from the rulers (Regulus) of Europe. The soul of the American people aspires to independence and freedom.

The Ascendant Sagittarius gives America the urge to expand and missionize the world. However, the destiny (MC) of America is in Libra, the zodiac sign of peace and balance, whose ruler Venus moves out into the seventh house of encounter and diplomacy. America’s task and destiny would be to bring balance to the world and peace among nations.

However, with its offensive Gemini Mars in the seventh house of open conflict, one is apt to view all others as competitors. One fights these with commercial finesse (twin mars) and military technology. This Mars is square to Neptune (seas, shipping), which is why America has built up the largest fleet in the world, in order to defeat and dominate any competitors by military means (Mars) if necessary.

With Moon Node/Midas in the Eighth House in Leo, you rule (Leo) the world with the dollar as the world currency (Moon Node/Midas/Leo). Altair/Pluto (reserve currency, power through capital) in the second house (money) underline this again.

Saturn in the tenth house square the Sun, as well as Justitia near the MC, urge America to be moderate, to uphold justice and law-abidingness. One is faced with the test of not claiming for oneself more than is just and due to other nations. With this position, the United States has a duty to share fairly and fraternally with other nations, to provide balance among peoples, and to bring peace.

However, with Altair/Pluto in the second house of money in opposition to a retrograde Mercury, you are inclined to take the biggest piece of the pie and, if necessary, use gag contracts and market manipulation (r. Mercury in opposition to Pluto) to make sure that you can take what you want because you have the power to do so.

National horoscope USA 4.7.1776 17:10 Philadelphia
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With Saturn/China in the tenth house of destiny, another special task awaits America that has already begun. This Saturn of America is on China’s stellium of Sun/Mercury/Neptune. America’s destiny will be to put China in its place. It is not Russia that is America’s enemy, for it is with the latter that one is in reality bound by the Christian faith (Jupiter/Russia), albeit through the tension of the opposing poles of liberal Protestantism and conservative Orthodoxy.

America’s Founding Fathers of the Declaration of Independence were largely Freemasons. George Washington himself, as well as members of his cabinet, were Freemasons. By contrast, those who established the first settlement of Jamestown, John Smith, John Rolfe, and their associates, were and remain deeply rooted in the Christian faith. They were so in their incarnations centuries before they established America’s first settlement.
From the beginning, America has been divided into two lines of force that have become increasingly clear throughout its history. The Christian lineage, represented by devout Founding Fathers John Smith (Steve Barron) and John Rolfe (Donald Trump) stand for the faithful American people. The majority of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, on the other hand, were members of various Masonic lodges and still represent their beliefs and interests today.