Isn’t it also a version of Pluto in Aquarius when the world is suddenly shocked by the sexual behavior of those they have lifted to heaven? An idol falls out of the blue.

Until the end of our lives, rarely anything remains hidden. Saturn, which punishes us for our sins and points out the status quo, often has three times 29 years to transit our radix. Each area of life was tested starting from. With the Dalai Lama, the third return of Saturn is imminent.

With Saturn/Eros (sex is forbidden or has consequences) in opposition to Moon/Neptune (desires)/Lilith (against nature) /Ganymede (homosexuality, handsome youth) and Vesta (abstinence), the Dalai Lama certainly had little to no sex in this life, as this contradicted his position, commitment and mission.

Transits Dalai Lama 28.2.2023

In the days around 2/28/23 transit Pluto (sexuality, taboos) had activated exactly its eighth house cusp of sexuality and the world is shocked at the Dalai Lama’s abnormal behavior.
Transit Sun was exactly on Saturn/Eros and in opposition to Ganymede and brought to light what nobody wanted to see
Transit Saturn in opposition to Venus and activated by the Sun with Ganymede/Moon/Neptune = secret sexual longings become visible through an external event
Transit Jupiter in opposition to Mars = by a youth (Mars) I behave immorally (Jupiter)

Pity the Dalai Lama

Stupid run? We are all sinners, or at least have committed sins. When I look at the Dalai Lama’s radix, I kind of feel sorry for him. Normally I despise people with such inclinations towards children, but in his case I feel compassion.
Since his birth, he has so dutifully fulfilled his role as the spiritual leader of the Buddhists, and now, at the end of his life, everything collapses and the sanctity of his facade crumbles. Saturn knows no mercy.

Born under Sun/Sirius in trine to Saturn and Jupiter, this basically speaks for a morally firm and trustworthy personality. Yes I know, Jupiter (worship) is in Scorpio (abysses) in the fifth house of children, but in his case we cannot conclude that he actually had sexual relations with boys. The eighth house is empty and the fun spoilers Vesta/Saturn/Eros are enthroned around the Medium Coeli.
Vesta/Saturn on the MC speak for his vocation as a monk who has to lead an abstemious life. With Sirius Sun he is an important monk and Regulus/Venus a popular leader. In his case, the spiritual leader of the Buddhists.

After this behavior of the Dalai Lama, there is still no doubt in my mind about his homosexual tendencies for young boys. Astrologically, I can explain it to myself by Aquarius at the apex of the eighth house (often abnormal sexual behavior), Saturn/Eros in opposition to Ganymede/Moon/Neptune/Lilith. Sappho, which is often accompanied by homosexual tendencies, is close to the Ascendant.

However, based on his radix, I am equally sure that he most likely did not act out these inclinations, but that they came up mentally in his imagination (Moon/Neptune in the third house) from time to time and with Saturn/Eros/Vesta in opposition to it, he had to forbid them immediately.
Since these days transit Saturn has slightly struck this stellium, transit Mars was at the AC and transit Sun/Jupiter have triggered Mars, everything has come out in the open, how in a thoughtless impulsive moment something from his thought life has come into visibility. Dumb luck, but the lords of karma have decided so.

Radix Dalai Lama

No pity for the Buddhists

On the other hand, I have no sympathy at all for the Buddhists. Why? Buddhism is a false doctrine that leads the seeker of enlightenment into a meaningless spiritual cycle and not to enlightenment. Without God (sun), there is no enlightenment, for He is the source of light.
In this respect, I feel it is just for those who have taken refuge in godless Buddhism because they do not want to face God to be disillusioned and disenchanted because their holiness has pedophilic tendencies. The truth is bitter, but it is never hidden and it is not hidden. We only lack the light, purity and the Holy Spirit to see the truth in everything and everyone.

Also the teaching of the same spirit incarnating again and again in the Dalai Lama, is not true. Just look at the two different personalities of the 13. and 14th Dalai Lama. It is never the same spirit, because the physical appearance and charisma is completely different. These are two completely different beings and characters looking at us here.
What is not true will not endure in the decades to come. What remains of the religions will have to stand up to the truth.

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13. and 14th Dalai Lama