The variable cross and its fundamental meaning

The changeable cross is about the movement or development that is triggered by knowledge. From knowledge (Gemini), to the application of knowledge (Virgo), to holistic understanding (Sagittarius), to selfless service through inspiration and intuition. Knowledge was transcended in the fish.

The twin

The Gemini usually has a profound theoretical knowledge in numerous fields of knowledge. The Gemini faces the task of transmitting the usefulness of knowledge and information to the world in a useful way. Here he can be an author, teacher, writer, journalist, messenger and so on. He prepares knowledge so that it can be useful to others and they have the necessary information.

The danger is that he himself will remain a theorist if the earth element does not come to his aid to realize as well.

The virgin

Virgo, on the other hand, knows from experience. She strives to realize her theoretical knowledge by testing it in practice, or by acquiring the knowledge through concrete practice. “Learning by doing.”

The danger is with the one born in the zodiac sign Virgo that he does not understand the whole (Jupiter) he serves. It is not enough that something works, but we must understand to what higher purpose we are feeding our ability. Virgo needs to learn to move forward and not keep running on the same hamster wheel because she has gotten used to it and it works. Virgo must think outside the box.

The shooter

Sagittarius communicates the big picture to people. The knowledge of Gemini is given its meaning so that one understands the great context and purpose for which we should strive. Now we are moving in the intended direction so that knowledge fulfills its higher purpose.

Sagittarius faces the challenge of handing over leadership to Heaven (Pisces). After we have learned everything (Gemini), tried it in practice (Virgo) and understand the meaning and walk the path (Sagittarius), the logical consequence is that we hand over the leadership to Heaven, since it is omniscient and wiser than we could ever be if we only relied on our knowledge, which we can learn through the mind.

If Sagittarius has taken the right path, then he becomes the mouthpiece of heaven, or, on the contrary, a pretentious know-it-all.

The fish

In this cycle, Pisces (Neptune rules) is the last sign, which functions opposite to the Mercurian principle of logic and analysis. There is no need for analysis, nor for understanding analogies (Sagittarius), but in Pisces knowledge finds its transcendence through intuition (Neptune) and inspiration (Neptune). The Pisces does not keep the world in motion, but becomes one with the motion, pouring out what “heaven” or his intuition imparts to him. Neither the knowledge (Gemini), nor the worker who implements the knowledge (Virgo), nor the higher cause (Sagittarius) comes to the fore, but Heaven pours out from its sources (Pisces).

The challenge for the Pisces is that he must be completely purified and selfless, basically enlightened, so that he functions fully and not all sorts of things from the spiritual and astral spheres, flow through him into the world.