Introduction for the beginner


For those who don’t know the AstroPointer yet, a few hints. In the archive (scroll all the way down the page) you will find all past posts and you can access them chronologically depending on the category. This is for all those who are particularly interested in a category and who do not want to miss a post.

AstroPointer archive

At the top right, you can use the keyword search to find articles in which your keywords appear.


On the bottom right of the page, the astrological bookmark accompanies you through all the articles, so that you can delve into an astrological term that occurs in the article at any time, without the article closing. Thus, even the beginner can quickly learn astrology. The descriptions of the basic elements are of the highest quality and are a complete condensed distillation of each basic element.

AstroPointer Bookmark

Symbols basic elements

If basic astrological elements are displayed in an article on the right side, you can press on the icons and the bookmark information for this basic element will be displayed to you without covering the article.

AstroPointer basic elements


Clicking on the individual people shown in the right column in an article will open a second page where you can get more background information on each person. Radix, discussion of the radix possibly, biography, historical parallels, articles in which this person was mentioned and references to hidden occult connections.

AstroPointer people

If you scroll down the newly opened window a bit, you can view the historical parallels geographically in high resolution. The reincarnation researcher will be able to deduce a lot from this, because he will also discover hidden connections through geography, which will let him understand the spiritual laws of reincarnation more and more deeply. “As above, so below.”

AstroPointer Historical Parallels

Related articles and products are displayed to deepen their knowledge. Everything else you will still discover for yourself what the AstroPointer offers you.